In an instant, he was by my side, his muscular arms wrapped around me in a totally non-romantic way. Then, suddenly, he was carrying me through the air, the scenery all blurring as we passed it too quickly for my human eyes to register. Suddenly, we crashed through a window into an empty house. A bedroom. He dropped me on the bed. My clothes had been ripped by the flying shards of glass. He grasped my school shirt in one fist and tore it off in one movement. He did the same to my skirt and tights, leaving me in my plain, matching white bra and pants. Then he stripped down to his underwear too. His body was just as flawless as ever. 

In a second, he had me pinned to the bed, his mouth on mine, his hand on my breast. Then his soft palm turned into a fist, grasping the material and tearing it off, so my bare breasts were pressed against his chest. His other hand pulled off my panties and then his. And before I knew it, I was no-longer a virgin. 

My mind was so lost in the overwhelming sensation of s-e-x ( I still couldn't bear to say the word, even in my head.) That I didn't notice him stop kissing me until I felt his teeth sink into my neck. I screamed. Half of it was pleasure, the other pain. Pure, indescribable pain. The pleasure faded in moments. Now he was biting my breast, sucking all the blood from it. His movements were so strong they almost hurt. When I opened my eyes, blood was all over both of our bodies and the white sheets of the bed. He bit my stomach, my back, my arms, legs and my neck again. Sucking me dry.

Then, I heard myself gasp. I heard my own heart stutter as it realised it was no-longer pumping anything. Then, blackness. 

The End

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