For The Doctor

A letter for the man that travels through space, time and your dreams.
A letter for The Doctor.

     Hello Doctor,

 My dreams are hunted by one man, one smile, one name. Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor pulsing in my head so loud as if someone is playing the drums without stopping. I try to remember, I really am trying but it's hard to remember something, someone who doesn't exists. You are in my imagination, but the running, oh that awful lot of running and the laughter, the danger... you... are so real, they seam so real.

  Maybe I did know you in the past or the future, and now you just have vanished from my memories. Maybe everything is real after all. You and I traveling the Universe in a small/big blue box. When the night comes, and the stars and the moon are shining up in the sky, I'll be watching, searching for you, my imaginary friend, my Doctor, my silly old Doctor. It's even more silly of me to think that you'll came back for me, but it's fine I'll have the memories disguised as dreams and I'll have hope, you gave me hope. You too, will have me as a memory and you will not be alone, never alone that is my gift for you.

   Run, save the Universe and remember me as I remember you, even if I shouldn't.

   Always hello and never goodbye.

   So... Hello Doctor.




The End

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