For the Betterment of the Nation

A look into what could happen if a certain someone became President.

For the Betterment of the Nation



          The election concluded with a surprise victory. The next President of the United States was a man who was no model citizen. He frequently spouted bigotry, and was quite arrogant. He promised to the voting public that if he was elected that he would build a great wall to the south to keep out those he deemed “rapists and drug dealers.” After a string of tragedies orchestrated by people (the term “people” being used loosely) of a certain religious faith, he vowed to ban any people of that faith from entering the country, while keeping American citizens of the same faith under surveillance. The citizens ate it up like a favorite treat, not because they thought it was right, but because they were afraid; Fear can make anything seem justifiable.

          Not long into his presidency, he made good on his promise of building a wall. A sixty foot wall was constructed along the southern border of the United States. It stood as a steadfast, razor wire covered reminder to those outside of the border: Freedom and prosperity is only for those born in the country. Keeping out the ne'er do wells and jackanapes to the south out of the country was not quite enough for the President, so he closed all borders to the country, completely isolating it off from the rest of the world. It also meant that no American could leave the country. Protests broke out all over; and instead of chanting, protestors sang the chorus of an old song: “Come on and let me in, immigration man, can I cross your line and pray? I can stay another day; won't you let me in, immigration man?” In an address to the nation regarding the closings, the President said “It may seem wrong and unfair to close off this great country to the world, but now those who wish to take away jobs from the working man and those who wish the American people harm cannot get inside to harm us.” A sharp smile crept upon his face and assured the masses that “It is for the betterment of the nation.” The naïve take his word and stop their protesting.

          The misguided head of state turned his attention to the religious group that the American people feared the most. He started a surveillance program to monitor their every word, and every move. Their places of worship or their homes were not exempt from this program. However, the children of the Qur’an would not remain the only targets of this domestic spying. Soon it expanded to other non-Christians, eventually spreading to every citizen in the country. It became a machination of Orwellian proportions that eluded the people for so long, but eventually it came to light. The President let it be known to the populace that the program “Was created to root out those who want or plan to commit unspeakable things, all in the name of protection.” In reality, it was to root out political rivals and dissidents. “It is for the betterment of the nation” he assured; and the people believed him.

          America fell into a sad state. Her economy was a disaster, a result of the isolationist policies set forth by her leader. The citizens were oppressed by a government that had mutated into a dictatorship. They could not afford to buy food, as inflation made most food items a luxury. Medicine was out of the question, as the health care companies were allowed to do as they pleased. People were resorting to becoming test subjects in order to feed their families and give aid to their dying loved ones. While the rest of the country slowly died, the cronies of the dictator dined on extravagant foods and drank fine wines and held orgies.

          The populace grew tired of suffering while the government was gluttonous. They began to riot and protest, calling for a new leadership and the return to the old ways. The dictator did not take kindly to the public outcry and criticism of him and his ideals, so he began to crack down on anyone protesting. A large mob formed outside the White House, yelling and chanting for the removal of the dictator. They rattled the fence around the perimeter with fervor. Fearing for his safety, the dictator called in the National Guard, who surrounded the throngs of angry citizens. With a crash, the gates and fences to the White House crumbled. The mob rushed madly towards the home of their oppressor. The National Guard opened fire onto the crowd, slaughtering them like animals. When the gun smoke cleared, all of the protestors were dead. On that day, the revolution began.

The End

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