The New Queen

When I was almost fifteen, they decided that all the pretty girls in the kingdom should spend a year in the King's palace being beautified with various treatments. A whole year! Just imagine that. And then, after this, they would spend the night with the King. Just shows you what sort of a person he was. The idea being that the one he liked best would become the new Queen.

Mordecai - don't ask me why, I haven't a clue - was determined that I should enter. He told me I'd win. I agreed, but only because it's Mordecai. I owe it to him. Besides, he seemed so determined that I should have a decent future. So I said yes. I couldn't refuse, could I?

He did, however, tell me not to tell anyone that I was Jewish. Not to keep it a secret, exactly, and not to lie, but not to go shouting it from the rooftops either. And of course, I agreed to that too. Just because it's Mordecai.

So I entered. A whole year of getting ready! You thought that the girls at school took a long time getting changed after PE, but that has nothing on this. We spent six months being treated with this oil, six months with another ... it seemed to be endless. One of the eunuchs became fond of me, giving me one of the best rooms and making sure I had the best treatments.

And then it was my turn to go to the king. I listened to the eunuch's suggestions as to what to wear, and only wore what he told me to. Everyone said how beautiful I looked, but I hardly heard. I was scared. What if I did something wrong? The King would send me away.

But the very next day it was announced that I would become the Queen.

The End

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