For Such A Time As This

A re-write of the book of Esther, from Esther's point of view.

"Esther, perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this." That's what my cousin, Mordecai, said to me. It didn't stop me being scared.

But I had to help him. It was my people too that were going to be killed, and I couldn't just sit back and watch it happen. Anyway, Mordecai was right. Just because I was queen, it would not mean that I was spared.

So I had to take a risk.

Let me start from the beginning, and tell you what happened. I daresay you know the story. Many people do. But they never know what I thought about it. No one ever asked me how I was feeling. And it was Mordecai who got the main rewards.

No, this is a tale with a difference. This is where I get to speak out, and you - finally - hear it from my point of view.

The End

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