Tom sat staring at the phone he had just slammed down.

His tears had started to dry on his cheeks, but he was still battling with embarrassment and shame for hanging up on the lady who had called. He knew it was stupid to feel ashamed, he was expected to go through this emotional rollercoaster, but that knowledge didn’t help him in the slightest. Nothing did.

He tried to compose himself, then gave it up as a bad job, rising from the couch to pace backwards and forwards in his small living room. Just over a month ago, this room would have been filled with the happy squeals of his daughter, 3 months earlier and there would be sweet singing from his love, his sweet Rach. Now there was only the sound of the material of his jeans as he paced, and his heavy, rapid breathing.

Rachel. Oh how he missed her. Maybe his little rose was back in her arms...

It was a new thought to form in his mind, and one that instantly seemed to calm his mind.

‘They were together again. My love and our Rose, together.’

To his utter astonishment, a smile started to blossom on his face, rousing muscles that had long slept. He could actually feel the depression draining out of him. It was probably only temporarily, but he was going to seize this moment with both hands. He would ring his family and his friends and apologise to them for the way he had treated them recently, while he still had the clear head to do so.

‘Maybe even go for a pint or two with them. Yeah, why not?’

He picked up the phone and pressed the button that would ring the last person to call.

It dialled away and a few moments later she answered with a rather snooty “Hello,” that almost made him laugh. Oh, he was in such good spirits.

“Hi this is Tom here, you called earlier about the add for the Baby shoes?" he almost sang down the phone.


The End

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