The Reason Behind That Day.

"I have waited to long,you see child,on that day I killed your father,I was looking for you,"He looked at her with a smile of cruel satisfaction."Your dad was strong but even at your age your, you were stronger,but i realized something that day if your were that strong at such a young age imagine what you would be like say 14 years later,"He stroked the bulb."14 years ago when i took your memories and power i also took your bolt, you will not know what that mean but i will explain, your bolt is were your power comes from , it is located in a magician's heart,I placed it in the light bulb and it has grew for 14 years,unused,unseen,un heard ,now its mine." He placed his hand over the bulb and took all the power from it."Here,"He threw the empty light bulb at her"Have your bolt back all you need to do is smash it against your chest."

The End

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