The man who was not seen

He sat on the empty chair unseen as she answered the door.He look at the man dead on the floor and laughed to himself.
"That was easy"He whispered to himself unheard"All that magical power he has and I didn't even have to use any of mine,pathetic"
A man entered the apartment throwing out the typical detective conversation to the daughter of the man he had just killed.
 He got up from his chair,still unseen to the others, and raised his hand over the head of the daughter,particles of green energy were zapped from her body.He was taking her magical energy,still all of this was unseen.She fell to the ground when he finished,he left just enough so she would not die.The detective ran to her.
 "I look forward to are next meeting child"he said exiting out the open door"Hopefully you will have learned the ways of magic so you might challenge me."

The End

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