Chp. 3Mature

I knelt silently with my head bowed despite the throbbing goose head that was forming on my head but I dared not moved as a pair of expensive and clean shoes entered my view.

"Well this is him then?" 

 "Yes m'Lord."

"Lets have a look then."

A hand wrapped firmly around my neck and pulled me to my feet. I raised my head just enough to see the king looking me over. He was rather plump in the... well every where. His sausage fingers were adorn with rings. He wore light breeches with a light purple tunic with a yellow lighting bolt striking a tree across his left breast.

Ha, breast. Now that's an appropriate word...

"Now is that any way to treat my guest?"

My eye twitched.

"Your guest? I've been stuck in a hole for.. what? Six months now?"

I elbowed the guard behind me in the face as he started to draw his sword, knocking him back, cradling his broken nose. The second guard drew his weapon but kept his distance. An amused look crossed the kings face as I blocked the guards' swing with the chain of my shackles and kicked him in the side of the head.

The End

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