Chp. 2Mature

The foot steps echo louder and despite myself my heart beat quickens. I could distinctly pick out two sets of hard soled boots. When the echo stopped abruptly my throat caught slightly. I paused, ears straining for them to continue. Nothing. I lowered my head back to my hands just as the door to my cell opened and light flooded in.

"Arrgh!" I called and shielded my eyes from the torchlight.
"Jer'ome I presume?" asked a guard with a smirk.

I sat there blinking the black fuzzy spots from my vision as my eyes ajusted painfully to the light. The guard kicked my shin with the toe of his boot.

"Well? Are ye'?" demanded the other.

"That depends."

The first guard raised an eyebrow.
"Your name isn't Jer'ome?"

"Well no," I said as I sat up with a smile.
"It's Jerome."

"You know you didn't have to kick me in the head..." I scowled to the guards dragging me by the arms across the cobbled floor.

"You know you didn't have ta be smart wit us." retorted one.

"I mean a kick to the gut would have done nicely and you two wouldn't have to drag me..."

The pair of guards looked at each other for a moment before promptly letting my face hit the floor.

The End

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