FK - Reunited

Kheo was sitting besides Leon, leaning against the man, as he and the older man played video games, when the doorbell rang. Leon grunted from beside him. “Could you get the door, Shorty?” With a nod and a bright grin, Kheo stood up and made his way to the front door. Leon, Letty and Jesse waited patiently for Kheo to return. Kheo pulled the door open expectantly. But the man standing outside the door shocked him into silence.

“Hello Kheo.”

The three waiting in the living room jumped up curiously and slightly worriedly when they heard a deep voice that was decidedly not Kheo’s, and no reply coming from the younger man.

“Ben…” Kheo whispered as his blue eyes travelled along the other’s face, drinking him in, the oh so familiar features that he had not seen for over a year. An overwhelming sense of happiness bubbled up inside his chest when he saw his smile spread across the man’s face. The next thing he knew, he was in Ben’s arms as lips descended onto his own.

It was a reunion of a love that Kheo would never give up, would never let go. It was a reunion of his other half, of the missing piece of him.

The End

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