For Kheo

Love is truly a strong emotion, but can it conquer all that stands in its path?

Ben ran his hand gently down the side of Kheo’s face, thinking about everything that this extraordinary young man had achieved in his life already. His past and his present, combined to help him become the man he was born to be.

“Ben. Please, don’t do this, don’t leave me alone.”

Those dark blue eyes boring into his own intently stole his breath away. Kheo needed this, he needed this time to heal and to learn to depend and trust the family that he would finally have.

“You need this time to heal, Kheo. I’ll come back for you, you know that. But you need some time to adjust, and to learn to trust and depend on your brother. Brian is a good man, Kheo; he’ll show you the meaning of family, he’ll show you that you deserve all this and so much more.”


The distressed whisper nearly broke his resolve.

“I’ll come find you in a year’s time, Kheo. I promise.” This was for Kheo, Ben reminded himself, forcing himself not to crumble at the sight of devastated blue eyes. “I love you. Stay safe.”

With a soft kiss and final caress of the younger man's cheek, Ben turned and walked away.

This was for Kheo.

The End

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