wave of mutaliting normality

David leaned back against the soft leather of the bus seat and held himself tightly in a futile attempt at keeping the events of the day from weighing him down. He had hoped to take it easy today – to take care of less pressing areas that have been sitting for far too long. Now though, he pretty much had his entire work week planned out for him. Once again he'd have to focus on other things while non critical systems become critical and require his immediate attention.

He wondered once again if he made the right career choice. Looking up, he surveyed the bus and took in the sea of boring, stinky people. What am I doing here? He often wondered if this was physically and in a career sense where he wanted to be. He used to go out to meet people. He even used to be social but years of surfing along the daily grind made him realize that most of the people he met were people he didn't want to meet. As much as he tried to care for these people around him, he hated each and every farting, burping, barking, reality show addicted idiot that comprised the majority of the population. The effort involved in meeting someone worth talking to seemed to outweigh the benefit of doing so.

David shook his head. “I'm being too harsh.” he said aloud. He took a deep breath and tried to make the fresh air cleanse away the drudgery of the day. He didn't hate these people. He didn't hate anyone. He just wanted them to leave him alone.


Three twenty-somethings got on the bus, burped loudly while laughing and bumped fists.

David sighed and got off the bus.

He was happy not to see Walter outside his apartment. Actually Walter was an interesting character, but David wasn't in the mood to discuss table placement right now. He unlocked the door to his apartment and felt the raw wave of normality wash over him. He washed a tomato and cut it into eighths, adding it to some leftover pasta sauce which he heated up while boiling noodles. When his food was ready, he took it and a glass of wine and settled down on the couch. He chose an episode of Star Trek from his DVD collection at random and started it. He failed to notice the single tear that climbed down the length of his face and fell into his pasta.

The End

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