the significance of photographs

So, I must admit, I really don't know the significance of the photograph.” said David.

Each photograph, while appearing to be a frozen moment of time, is actually a lot more.” the princess began. “The moment, as well as the space around it, is captured and can be replayed with the right tools.” pausing, she pointed a forepaw to her head.

You uh..” he began, but realized that he didn't know what do say and decided to just stop his incomplete thought and watch the princess manipulate the picture.

With a snappy flourish, she pulled one side of the photograph around the space it was occupying. She pulled and twisted and soon the other side was folded exactly the same way on the other side. “There. If we now turn it like this....”

....and this will help us get to your father?” David felt stupid for asking, but he did have a mission to accomplish.

My..... oh dear. Ah yes, I see – he's a king, I'm a princess..... No. He isn't my father. “ she stopped pulling the photo and a light wave of disgust washed over her face.

What?! You sure?”

This wasn't the smartest question that David asked.

Quite sure. He's... I don't know how to make this not sound condescending..... he's a fish.” one side of her talpa mouth raised as if in a humorless, half smile.

Well, he gave me the task – or rather, I competed for the honor – of rescuing you.” now that I've saved you from the dragon, I have to take you home!” David's voice cracked a bit.

Princess Talpa raised one eyebrow, looked at Gary and then looked back at David. “You haven't saved me, Mr. platypus. Not yet anyway.” she gave the photograph a hearty shake and reached inside it, finding a pole and holding it tightly. “See this?” she grabbed the edge of the picture with her other paw and rotated it around her wrist. “There. Now you can see the front of me.” The image in the picture rotated as as the princess turned the edge. “Not only that, we can also see...” here she released the edge of the photograph and pointed in the scene to a man in a lab coat facing the princess. “...this guy here. I know him.”

David was astounded and underwhelmed at the same time. He couldn't have known about this odd photograph and yet he expected …. something more than a guy in a lab coat. Looking closer he noticed the guy in the coat gazing intently at a movie poster. “Does the poster that he's looking at have any significance?”

Oooh, good eyes” the princess complimented. “Very much so. You see this curvy writing? The poster is of the movie 'Footloose'. Have you seen it?”

Yes, yes I have” David was still a bit flustered from being paid a compliment. “Kevin Bacon is in the movie, is he not?”

He is, and that is what this guy in the lab coat wants.”

He wants Kevin Bacon?”

No. He wants to create a robot clone of Kevin Bacon.”

The End

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