presenting a pretty princess

David sat at a small wooden table close to the stairwell. He was tired from his journey and princess Talpa seemed to be taking her time waking up. He had asked Gary if it was alright for him to sit at one of the tables in the restaurant while he was waiting for the princess. At first he refused, stating the fact that there were no 'one person tables' available, but made an exception since the place was empty.

David looked at his wrist, thinking there would be a watch there. Seeing his webbed, platypus foot gave him a chuckle. Why would I think I was wearing a watch? He shook his head and smiled just as much as his bill allowed.

Looking back, perhaps it was good that he smiled just then. I'm getting ahead of myself though. This was the first impression the princess saw of David. David's first impression of the princess was nothing less than stunning. She was a blond colored, mole-like creature with blinky eyes and a Hello Kitty sweatshirt. David had been nervous about the princess being some stuffy giraffe or something with her nose in the air and always looking down to everyone she saw. David also noticed that her eye color was exactly the same shade of greenish gray that his were.

David liked her without even saying a word to her.

You are smiling” the princess began, with a voice dripping with sleep and coffee “I like that”.

David didn't smile often but now he couldn't seem to stop. “You are incredibly pretty” he blurted, turning as red as a platypus possibly could. His heart raced and suddenly his smile seemed forced. He attempted to stop but felt that he was now making an odd face. Returning a 'normal' expression to his face seemed impossible. “I mean, uh, pretty for a princess! - um, a pretty princess...” what am I doing?! I need to shut up, right now!

The princess seemed uncomfortable with the compliment and saved David from embarrassing himself further. “Say, are you hungry? I'm starved. I passed the kitchen on the way down here and the zucchini smells delicious.”

Thinking of food calmed him down a bit. When he thought of it, he really was hungry and they'd be on the road a while. Perhaps it was a good idea to grab something to eat now. “Yeah, food sounds good. “ Princess Talpa joined him at his table. She ordered the zucchini in tomato sauce and David decided to ignore the specials and order sushi. It didn't really seem odd to him that sushi was on the menu or that a platypus would actually like it.

So, what kind of name is Talpa, anyway?” David began, picking up his chopsticks.

It's Italian” she answered and popped a piece of fried zucchini in her mouth.

Oh? Italian for....?” he was starting to loosen up. This princess wasn't stuffy at all. She was a down to Earth woman who was really easy to talk to. She just seemed to understand him like no one else.

Italian four? Quattro.” she batted her eyes at him and put down her fork. “Listen. I hate to sound rude and all, but Lenny tells me you have a photograph of me.”

David was a bit flustered. He didn't remember telling the odd lizard, or anyone else for that matter, about the photograph. Now that he thought about it, Lenny had also mentioned that he was 'expected' and Gary certainly wasn't expecting him. Who had been expecting him? He put this thought to the side when he saw the princess looking at him expectantly.

It seemed almost magical, the way she looked at him. David felt an overwhelming desire to make her happy. This was nothing like the magic spells one reads about. Making this princess happy would make him happy and it had been far too long since he was happy.

I do.” he wiped his bill with his napkin and stood up. “It's right here” he pulled the photograph from his vest pocket and laid it on the table.

Suddenly, a light from the photograph exploded outward and a majestic trumpet sounded. On wings carved from the light itself, a fox garbed in a toga and soft shoes emerged from the holy vortex and ascended to the ceiling. “Behold! The Photograph!!” the angelic fox proclaimed.

The fox gazed towards the heavens as the trumpet blast and the vortex of light faded.

I.... I can't believe it!” the princess was overjoyed and her happiness was contagious. David smiled for the second time that day even though he had no idea what significance the photograph held. “This will make our task so much easier!” she exclaimed.

Lenny the lizard nodded and smiled.

Gary the dragon wondered if he had left the water running in the sink.

The angelic fox ( whose name was Oscar ), upon realizing that he was no longer the center of attention stopped looking upwards and put his hands into the pockets of the toga. “Hey... uh... dragon guy....” he nose waved at Gary to get his attention. “You think you could come over here for a sec? I um... well, I can't get seem to get down from here.”

The End

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