introducing the dragon

The road had been a hard one but David proudly waddled up to the castle. “He was actually telling the truth” he said to himself. A dirty brown beaver had pointed him in the direction of the castle, but David had been sure he just wanted David to leave. Sure enough though, the castle towered above him.

Almost with disappointment he realized that he had been expecting something foreboding. The castle before him, with well manicured bushes and a plush red carpet, seemed to welcome visitors. He tried to determine the type of stone that composed the castle, and the types of animals ( if they were indeed animals ) the bushes were supposed to be, but he caught himself procrastinating at the task at hand. “Nope. I've come here to save the princess so save here is what I'm going to do.” He pulled up his trousers, straightened his tie and waddled proudly up to the castle gates.

A thick mahogany drawbridge blocked the entrance to the castle like a wooden tongue. To the right, a rope hung down next to a sign reading 'pull for service'. Service? What an odd place! David pulled the rope and stood back. In the blink of an eye, the drawbridge whooshed to the side, revealing a lizard armed with a halberd. David, unsure whether to be more surprised by the lizard or by the whooshing drawbridge decided to be surprised by both and did his best at jumping back in alarm both to the left and to the right. The lizard, perhaps used to having this effect, waited for David's surprise to lessen ( which took an uncomfortably long time ) before addressing him.

Right this way, sir. You are expected.” The lizard then put all his weight on the halberd and jumped around it much like a pole dancer might do until he faced the opposite direction. David suddenly remembered his sword and felt embarrassed for not drawing it earlier. Slowly, so as not to alarm the lizard, he pulled his sword from its scabbard and followed the lizard into the keep. “Please remember that all flash photography and ...” here the lizard turned around to see if David was following “...weapons are forbidden in the keep.” He sighed, rolled eyes eyes and continued.

David felt out of place. He disliked being rude but he was certainly not going to come all this way just to leave without the princess. As impolite as it may be to do so, he wasn't about to put away his sword. He thought of the best way to explain this but before he could begin, the lizard formally presented a massive dragon that apparently been in the throne room this entire time. How did I not notice him? David rubbed his feet together and stood boldly before the massive creature..

Hello, my name's Gary.” The dragon began, clapping its gigantic forefeet together. “Specials today are honey grilled salmon and battered zucchini in tomato sauce. I'm afraid you'll have to put away your sword though,” he gave the lizard a stern look for not taking care of this “weapons are not permitted in the keep.”

Sire,” began the lizard, bowing just a little bit further than a lizard should be able to “this gentleman is here for the princess.

Oh how embarrassing!” the dragon sputtered, turning red ( which isn't an easy thing for a dragon to do ) “as this gentleman so kindly reminded me, our specials our honey grilled salmon, battered zucchini, and … princess......?” he turned his head left and right looking around the room. “Oh, I'm afraid my colleague is mistaken. As you can see by the sign to my left” here he pointed to a small black board with the specials of the day written on it in chalk “We are not serving princess. In fact, I don't believe we've ever served princess. That doesn't even sound very tasty.” Gary frowned.

My apologies, my lord. I meant to say that this gentleman is here for princess Talpa, not to have dinner.”

Princess Talpa!?! Oh my lord, is it time for her to go home already? She has been such a great help in moving things from one room to the other, and then moving them to completely different rooms.” The dragon smiled warmly and then his eyes lit up and he looked at his wrist. “Let's see, it's about noon now so she'll probably still be asleep. Lenny, do be a dear and get her, would you?”

Of course, sire” the lizard then scattered off up the stairs, leaving David alone with Gary the dragon.

The End

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