dawn breaks

A wave of soft soft sound pried open David's eyelids. The cobwebby strands of dream rapidly fled consciousness. He had been dreaming and the dream had been a wild one. As he stood in the bathroom brushing his teeth, his mind drifted over parts of the dream. Some details seemed to squirm and attempt escape when he'd get too close, but others greeted him with open arms. He spit the toothpaste into the sink and remembered that he had been an animal. It wasn't as if he was a human in an animal's body, he really was the animal in his dream. What made him think of that? He felt the fresh sting in his mouth and briefly wished he had some shrimp or worms to get rid of the awful taste.

Worms!?! He blanched, shook his head and continued getting ready for work.

Outside, the weather was better than how he imagined. The sun was shining and felt warm on the light jacket he had on. He considered going back inside to change but decided that it wasn't worth the effort.

Walter, a single guy somewhere in his 50s who lived downstairs was moving a white plastic table.

Hey David!” Walter gestured towards the table. “What do you think, against this wall or over there by the bushes?” he pointed his nose in the direction of the bushes.

David did his best to judge the difference between the two locations but, truth be told, he really had no opinion. It wasn't as if he didn't care it was just that he didn't have an eye for things like this. He tried to think practically and offer his best opinion. “If you keep it against the wall you'll be able to play cards.” he had no earthly idea why he said that but before he could apologize for not making sense, he noticed that Walter was wearing only one shoe.

Nothing like a good wall to block the wind” Walter said, kicking the wall with his dirty sock.

David really had nothing to say to that so he excused himself and continued on his way to work.

Although the sun was warm it seemed almost to hide behind the shutters of the houses he passed and snicker at him as if it were about to play a cruel joke. David tried to ignore the feeling and enjoy his walk to the bus stop. As he arrived he noticed a small, dark skinned woman pacing nervously and holding an umbrella. The bus arrived and the lady ran to the door as if her life depended on it.

Watte Watte Watte Watte Watte!!!!!” she screamed as she beat the door with her umbrella. David tried to get past her but she smiled kindly and held up a protective hand as if warding him from a grisly fate. The bus driver drove off and the odd little woman ran off in the other direction, leaving David bewildered and late for work.

The next bus arrived without much incident. David climbed in towards the back and turned on his headphones. Neutral Milk Hotel softened the harsh commute with a refreshing mixture of vocals and verse.

The End

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