and so it begins

David, sometimes man sometimes platypus finds himself on a quest for a princess.
This is a story I wrote for Kerstin. She had a few demands:
a) There must be a dragon in it.
b) It must have a happy end
c) There must be 'know' sharks in it.
I'm not sure why she wanted 'know' sharks in the story, she really doesn't like sharks.

A musty smell wafted lazily around David's bill, seeming to tease him for being so nervous. A terrifying thought danced on the threshold of his consciousness: what if that's me? What if I'm the one who reeks? A chubby fish with huge lips, a scepter and a crown seemed to be expecting something. For the life of him, David couldn't remember why he was here only that he couldn't afford to screw up.

“Well son, what makes you think you have what it takes? We don't have all day here.” With the 'we' he gestured with a fin to a mop on his right and a shadowy figure to his left. David hadn't noticed the other two figures at first, nor did he notice the scratched, mahogany desk all three were sitting behind. He rubbed his feet together vigorously, swallowed hard and wished with all his being to be anywhere else but here.

I can...” he began, stopping himself in mid-sentence. “Can you repeat the question?” Was this it? Had he just lost his chance for... why exactly was he here? “Um, your majesty” he added after a stern look from the mop. He took a deep breath and slid his forefeet into the pockets of his trousers. His left foot came in contact with a photograph and he suddenly remembered why he was here. He remembered why he couldn't screw up. He needed to rescue the princess.

Son,” the king took an onion from the surface of the desk and held it aloft. “I have a kingdom to run and I can't have my time wasted. I'm asking you – we are asking you – why we should allow you to rescue the princess. We have been conducting interviews all day and frankly, this one has been one of the worst.

Your majesty,” David's voice seemed to push against the walls in the stuffy room. “I know that I have performed poorly in this interview, but I will succeed in saving the princess. I have something that the others do not. “ He pulled the photograph from his pocket and held it aloft. He attempted to raise it higher than the king was holding the onion, but David's forelegs weren't all that long. At the sight of photo, the king and the mop were visibly shaken. The shadow, however, just darkened.

I have a photograph of the princess.”

The End

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