CHPT 6Mature


                        We jumped into action as my copy mirrored my movements. We twisted and turned in a dangerous dance of lumens. We flashed a dangerous two-step. We flung into a blinding salsa. We spun and flashed and flung until we ended in an explosion that shattered the dimensional chains. My copy disappeared into another dimension, leaving behind only an eye.

                        Suddenly, without warning, the eye glowed and thrashed, until the light around the eye molded into another carbon copy. It looked more formidable, but this time I was ready. I exploded into a hurricane of light, and the carbon copy lay disabled upon the floor. I summoned a blast to my hand, and shot the eye until it exploded into wires and chips.

                        The other copies were nowhere to be seen. Jessica was crouched in the corner trying to heal Alika. We all huddled to their side.

                        “She’s unconscious,” Jessica said, stating the obvious. She looked bruised and battered, and smoke curled as it rose off her body in wisps.

                        Just then, Alika opened her eyes, her beautiful gray eyes. She opened her eyes, and she saw without seeing. She looked around, but saw nothing. Alika was blind.


                        As she walked towards the black door, it seemed to stretch for miles. Who was she? I have no idea. Years seemed to pass as seconds went by, turning to still moments. Time stopped. Or maybe it never started. I don’t know.

                        All I know is that she was beautiful.

                        She had lithium colored hair with red and purple highlights. It was strange, but suited her perfectly. Her tan skin stood out among her hair and her cobalt blue eyes. She was an element; the only element the table couldn’t name, because nobody had ever found her.

                        “Run,” she said softly as she stepped outside into the ebony night, and showed herself no more. But I still heard her voice. “Run. It’s what you do best.”


                        “We can’t be expected to tug around his dead weight the whole time. He’s saved us twice, but now he’s just more baggage.” I heard the voice as I woke up in the same bed. I had a sneaking suspicion that they were talking about me.

                        Then I heard Jessica’s voice.

                        “He’ll show his true colors soon,” she said. “Give it another chance.”

                        “We’ve given him chance after chance. All he does is pass out. I’m sure the monsters scream in terror at the teenage boy lying on the ground. WOOOOAAAAHHH! AAAAAHHHHHH! I’M SO…”

                        “Thomas, don’t mock him. It’s hard. He’s come a long way in a short amount of…”

                        “Don’t say the word. Alika is blind. I don’t want to hear about time.”

                        By this point in the argument, I had my bags packed, and began walking out the door. That was that. I was gone.

                        “By guys,” I called. No one stopped me.

                        Walking out the door and across the grass towards the forest, I heard a voice call out for me. It called my name, but did anyone really ever want me around? I think not.

                        “Wait, Seth,” panted Jessica. “Don’t leave me. I want to come with you.”

                        I couldn’t have her in that much danger. I didn’t want to be so mean, but I had to.

                        “No, Jessica,” I replied. “I don’t need any dead weight dragging me down.”

                        The look in her eyes took the breath right out of me.

                        She walked back to the cottage, and I walked to the line of trees.

The End

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