CHPT 5Mature


                        I turned my body to face the area where I heard the voices, and let my energy fly from my body in a torrent of light. The blast scattered ripped limbs and trunks of trees, and left a trail of dust. I heard two screams; one I recognized, and one I didn’t. The one I recognized was Alika.


                        I felt like a failure. Not only was Alika hurt, but it was my fault. As if that wasn’t enough, Jessica regards me as dangerous. She is no longer mine. I failed worse today than ever before, but Alika still likes me. Go figure.

                        “Please forgive me Jessica,” I found myself pleading on my knees. “It won’t happen ever again. You were just about ready to rip her lungs out, too. We both thought she was an intruder.”

                        I pleaded and pleaded, but to no avail. Then she suddenly kissed me, and I was kissing back, and it was heaven. Nothing felt more real than her. Her skin was softer than anything I’d ever felt before, and she smelled of lilacs and honey.

                        After what felt like several years, we severed in two, and went back to being together. If only we had longer to be together before the next catastrophe. Too bad.


                        We heard engines, and saw headlights. We each ran our own way, Jessica and I ran one direction, while Thomas and Alika ran the other. We almost escaped, but the car cut us off, while another came up behind us. Several men came out and cornered us. I froze when I saw what they looked like. They wore suits of black fabric and sunglasses. Their bodies were encased in a tinted shell. My light could not blind them.

                        They took us to a car, and forced us inside. We had not the luxury of good company, as we were put in separate cars. We were caught.

                        As the men began to drive, I realized that there was hope for Jessica and me yet. Alika and Thomas were not captured.

                        Just as that thought came into my mind, I felt a strange feeling. I suddenly realized that time had stopped. I felt a hand on my arm, and saw Alika.

                        “Hey,” she grinned. I grabbed her hand and allowed myself to be led from the car. Jessica was already out. We embraced as our lips met in a void oblivion. Alika and Thomas just stood there as if they were embarrassed.

                        As soon as everyone felt comfortable, people started coming from the cars. They raised their guns and we knew we were finished. There was no way out. Shots came from all sides, but suddenly I felt a hand grab my arm, and my gut twist as I flew into another dimension.


                        I awoke to a wet rag on my head and an immense pain in my leg.

                        “About time you woke up,” said a very distinctive, beautiful voice. Jessica was sitting there on a chair beside the bed I was laying in. I tried to sit up, and immediately felt pain.

                        “Take your time,” said Jessica. “We’ve been locked in this house with nothing to do but wait for you to wake up. It’s been quite boring.” She had her hair in a different style, and I didn’t know whether to say anything or not. She looked like she’d been crying.

                        A moment later, I heard a door open, and a loud, deep voice boom, “About time you got up, we’re under attack. Come on, everyone.”

                        We headed to the front door of the house. I didn’t hear anything. I looked around me, and saw an explosion, yet heard nothing. Suddenly, the explosion echoed across the room. I saw Alika crumble to the floor. The door burst open, and we were suddenly staring at… us. The people who we were attacking were our carbon copies. My copy’s hand burst into light, and I figured they were not here to bust us out. I began to glow.

The End

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