CHPT 4Mature


                        “Hi, there,” said a voice. I turned, and next to me sat a girl right around my age. She was absolutely stunning with her caramel complexion, her solid black hair, and her shocking emerald eyes. The way the hot girls in my school treated me, I was surprised she even talked to me.

“Let’s get started,” she said. “Show me what you can do.”

                        “Throw something at me,” I suggested. Jessica picked up a rock and threw it at me as I focused all my energy into a shield covering my body. The rock bounced off like a pebble hitting a wall of rubber bands.

                        “Pretty good,” she said. “Now let’s see how strong it really IS!”.

                        With this, she turned into a gorilla. Of all things, a gorilla. She took a mighty swing at a tree, and threw the ripped of limb at me. It bounced off, and pinned her against a wall.

                        “Let’s try something else.”


                        “Okay Seth, try it again,” she said, as if it was that easy.

                        I focused all my power into my palm and flashed. I felt energy there, and released the power towards a nearby tree. The tree blasted apart, limbs flying into a different dimension.

                        “You did it,” Jessica said as I drifted into unconsciousness.


I was in deep trouble.

                        I focused my power into my palm, and let loose towards the hinges of the now locked door. My blast grew and grew, until the door blasted apart. I stood, and walked out the back, followed by Jessica. Jessica began to dilate, growing larger and smaller as she changed. However, before she got the chance to change, a giant hand swept her off her feet, and flung her into the air.

                        As my anger swelled, I looked up, I saw a monster the likes of none other. It had three heads, and its eyes smoldered red against its dark, mahogany hide. Fear crept into my heart as it rose taller and taller, finally spreading out into a giant dragon.

                        As it spread out, I saw another shadow fly across the ground. Out of nowhere a giant eagle came down and bit the head off of the dragon. I was so startled, that I woke up in a ridiculous sweat. It was but a dream.


                        “What’s wrong,” said a voice, the first voice I had heard since the dream. It was about 3:30 pm, and I was beginning to understand that what I saw was just a dream.

                        “I’m fine,” I replied to the voice I could not quite yet pinpoint. I realized that it was Jessica.

                        “Are you sure you’re alright, I heard you screaming your head off.” I wondered how badly I reacted to that dream. “I changed into a lion before coming over here, in case we were attacked.”

                        Just then we heard voices in the yard. I got up and started charging myself for a flash. I walked out the tent to follow the voices. They were distant, but sparked something in my memory. I swore I’d heard that voice before.

                        As I charged, I focused on my whole body. I was going to try something new.

The End

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