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                        Leaning against a large, dead tree, I began searching frantically for any sign of the Jabberwock. I looked behind the tree, and saw giant reptilian footprints. I followed them about 20 meters before I realized which direction the prints were facing. I went back to the tree, and the footprints stopped. They didn’t go past the tree. That’s when I looked up.

                        The tree was a giant reptilian foot. It came from a creature that I could only assume was the Jabberwock. I began to back away, and think of a strategy.

                        A few years back, I had an epiphany. I realized what created darkness. I was in a dark room, and I flashed. I realized that darkness and light must destroy each other, so that means that darkness must be made by something I call anti-photons. I was very proud of myself.

                        Looking at the jabberwocky, I saw it was bathed in darkness. This darkness seemed to derive from the head. That is when I got an idea.

                        There are times in my life when I wished that authors such as Lewis Carroll, or Charles Ludwig Dodgson, were more descriptive while conceiving the final battle between the protagonist and the antagonist. This is one of those times.

                        I decided to stray from the story and make my own ending. I began to run towards the tail, which was extremely difficult because the beast did not yet see me, and I wanted it to stay that way. I initiated a charge while running, making myself glow with power, but in the meantime, drawing the massive brute’s attention. Every time I would reach the tail, the monster’s body would turn in all different directions until I finally jumped, and grabbed hold of the enormous appendage.

                        I stood as the tail settled, and started for the head. Halfway up the beast, I began glowing at such surprising lumen intensity that my surroundings began to blur. I then started channeling my charge into the Vorpal blade. Toward the middle section of the body I began to flash without conscious thought. I could no longer contain the power of the charging flash, so when I got to the neck I gave a might swing while pushing the power into the blade, and… SWISH! Off came the head.

                        With the head, I fell to the ground. I felt the sword escape my grip, and I drifted off into whatever world darkness meant to take me.

                        I awoke to a bright sun gleaming into my eyes, and a pale, beautiful woman at my side. At that moment, I realized my shirt was off.

                        “Hey!” I exclaimed, pulling my shirt up above my head and onto my body as quickly as possible. “Privacy please!” she didn’t seem to have noticed that I was in such a frenzy, but I could’ve sworn I saw a smug look on her face.

                        “I think you should be able to stay awake for more than a few seconds today,” she said with a hint of worry in her voice. As she spoke, a feeling of complete relief began swelling in my chest. “I should warn that when you turn around, there will be two people beside you. Do not be wary, they are friendly. The problem is, we need your help. I fear you will be our only hope in the battle to come.”

                        “Okay. What are you talking about,” I asked hesitantly. “I can’t help you. I can’t even help myself. I am no great hope.” I wasn’t completely truthful in saying this. I guess I must have been looking for pity, and found it in the eyes of the beautiful woman sitting cross-legged next to my bed.

                        I looked next to me. I immediately felt calm and relaxed despite the popular looking girl and the giant boy standing at my bedside.

                        “This is Jessica,” she pointed to the small, beautiful girl around my age. “This is Thomas.” The guy could’ve been a building for all I could tell.

                        “So…why are all these people huddled around my bedside?” I asked in my absolute confusion.

                        “They’re here to help. They are like us,” Alika responded to me. “Jessica can morph into animals and plants alike. Thomas can disappear into an alternate dimension.”

                        The way she said his name, I don’t know. Something made me want to kill that guy. As if he had read my mind, the arm that was around Alika’s shoulder withdrew. My suspicions were only momentarily sated, but it bothered me every time he gave her that bedroom eyes look.

                        After hesitating for what seemed to be hours of awkward silence, Alika said, “The people who are hunting us may be right. You did not know this, Seth, but we made a copy of a document, and found that we were all made as weapons.”

                        “How did you manage this,” I asked, genuinely interested.

                        “I work like a human flash drive. I can absorb things like folders and specially protected documents,” she replied.

                        “But I thought you could hold time at a standstill,” I said, confused.

                        “A few years ago, I stumbled upon a document that shows the scientific discoveries of the new season’s experiments. Now I can halt time.”

                        I pondered this espial for a few minutes. It must be nice for somebody to have such power as to get more power. It was difficult for me to grow with my light, but to withstand that force of power is unheard of.

                        While pondering, I noticed that Thomas and Alika were muttering at each other, and I wondered what species of cat would die with this curiosity swelling inside me.

                        “Here are assignments for the group,” Alika finally said. “Jessica, you and Seth stay here. Thomas and I will run recon. Jessica, if you would please further Seth’s training it would be greatly appreciated. Thomas, we must leave.”

                        And with that, they faded into what I could only imagine is a different dimension. As they faded, Thomas put his arm around Alika’s waist. They disappeared just as the rock flew from my hand to the now unoccupied space.

The End

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