CHPT 2Mature


              I don’t know how long we were on that bus, all I know is when I woke up, nothing was moving. I looked beside me and screamed. The pale, hooded girl was next to me. Creepy.

                        “Who are you,” I asked.

                        “You will find out soon enough,” she said. “Right now, however, we have more pressing matters to discuss. When our conversation is over, you must get off the bus, and get lost.”

“So you want me to get lost on purpose?”

 “Yes. If you get into a situation, call on me, and I will come,” she said.

 “Call you by what,” I asked.

“Alika.” Wow. PRETTY NAME. U’DOY.

            “Oh, and be sure to go alone,” she said. “Do not worry; your mother will be safe. She will have protection, but be wary. Things do not always go as they seem.” Next thing I knew, I was alone.

                        I used time wisely while it had stopped, and wrote a letter to my mother explaining everything. I stepped of the bus, and time continued. Next stop, Carson City, Nevada, at least for her.

                        I was glad I left her a note, because I was somewhere I never thought I’d be. Nowhere. ‘Wherever I am is green though,’ I thought. ‘I’ve got food in my backpack, and drinks in the cooler. This is paradise.’ That may have been true, apart from the creatures, that is.


                        That night, I realized just how lonely I could possibly be. It was dark, ad not a single star shone in the night sky. I heard noises coming from all over the general area. I flashed. There were three silhouettes, and I knew someone must be keeping tabs on me. “Alika?” I said. I saw one of the figures move towards me, hesitate, and go back to where it stood. I turned on a lamp, stopped my flash, and went back to sleep thinking only of my mom, and a nice, soft bed.


                        I woke up the next morning to an overcast sky, and a nasty storm. A faint glow emanated from my body, and I stepped into the rain. Not a single drop penetrated the thin layer of light. “Alika,” I cried.

                        No sooner had the words left the security of my lips than a pale, hooded girl stood next to me in this fold in which time no longer moved.

 “A light shield,” she said, in a tone I can only describe as awe. “A thick shell that cannot be penetrated. Yours does not have conscious will behind it, so it is not very strong, but it is definitely there.” She was awestruck, and that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I started to wonder what was under the hood. As if she had read my mind, she began to take it off.

                        She was beautiful. Black, pixie cut hair, a porcelain face, and shocking, electric eyes. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It momentarily left me breathless, but she didn’t notice.

                        “Don’t leave,” I said, as she began to walk away. “I’m too lonely for you to do that. Please. Please stay and help.”

 “I wish I could, I really do,” she said. “But I am under oath. I cannot interfere.”

                        She left, and her face was still etched into my brain. I heard a click and turned around to see a sword hilt on the ground. I walked over to pick it up, and spotted a tag on it. The tag read:

             in two days                         In two days

                        “What does it mean,” I yelled to the sky. No answer. Too bad.



                        That night, I fell into a dreamless coma.


                        I awoke, and looked at the watch that stretched around my wrist. It was 11:45. I changed the mode to the calendar setting. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the date. I had been in a restless, dreamless coma for all of the previous day. It was time.

                        I walked from the security of my tent, and into a bright, clear day without a cloud in the sky. The first perfect day since the start of my perilous enterprise. I hadn’t any time to marvel, all though it was my first instinct. I walked briskly to the faintly glowing sword that lay on the ground. Centered were the words “Vorpal Blade”, and at once a poem came to mind. After that, I had a pretty good idea what that blade was for.

The End

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