CHPT 1Mature

i wrote this, like, four years ago, so it may not be great, but try to enjoy. i'll revise it as much as i can, but i dont wanna start all over, and parts of it are really good.

Chpt 1

                        The first time I saw her, I guess it was the first day of 8th grade. It was love at first site. The problem is that once you’re in love, it’s hard to get out, and when you give up, it comes back to haunt you because you can never truly give up.

                        I was thinking about this when my friend Justin examined the look on my face out of the corner of his eye.

                         “What’s wrong”, he asked me.

                        “Nothing”, I said quickly. He noticed my abrupt speech.

                         “Seriously, what’s wrong?” “Well. It’s all about life and love and all that virtuous junk. What if there’s more? What if this isn’t really all we have?” I asked.

                         “Oh, if you only knew that the real question you should be asking is ‘what if it is’”, said a voice I had never heard.

                        I searched the room for the source of the strange voice, but stranger things caught my eye. Nothing was moving. Time had stopped. An apple was in midair, and students were frozen in positions impossible to hold. All except one.

                        I’d noticed her before, and it wasn’t until that moment when I realized I had seen her in every class I’d been in. She had pale skin, a white hood covering her face, and a perfect smile tracing her lips. Creepy.

                        “Seth,” she said my name. “Seth, you will come in very handy, very soon.” She disappeared as I screamed….

                         “WAKE UP!!!!!” someone screamed in my ear. I surveyed the table, and realized I was surrounded by my friends in the lunch room. I could see the girl staring at me, and I wondered if it really was a dream.


                        School was over, and I was walking to the bus with four of my best friends. Mitch, the Pokémon obsessed. Justin, the military expert (in his own head). Sterling thinks he knows things, but knows nothing. Zach, he’s just annoying. We were walking to the bus loop, but we decided to take the long way.

                        All of a sudden, he turned to me and said, “All of us have decided, and we don’t want to have anything to do with you. We know what you are, you little freak.”

 “What?” I said shock apparent on my face.

 “We know what you are. We have been sent to destroy you. We have been sent to destroy you.”

                        This chant went on for a while, and I decided that my mom and I had overstayed our welcome in this town, anyway. I turned, and a bright light escaped my body.


                        Let me explain. Ever since I was born, I was able to create and alter light. You know, photons. I was born with them in me. As a matter of fact, I blinded my mother. I couldn’t control the flash. That’s what I call what I do. Flashing.

                        I already had both my mother and my own bags packed when my mother got home.

“Seth,” my mom called. “Seth, I can hear you packing. Where are you going, to Justin’s?”

“We, mom, are leaving. They’re hunting us again. Turns out Justin wasn’t the perfect friend after all.” My stomach started to turn. How could I put my mother through all this again, especially when she just got off her toes about it all?

“Mom, I’m sorry, I really am, but I just don’t want you hurt. When they figure out I’m gone, they’ll come after you. I just want you safe.” She started to cry.

 “Don’t apologize. You are doing fine. This is exactly what you have to do. I’ll be fine as long as I’m with you. Promise me you’ll stay with me.”

“I promise, mom.”

                        And with that, we were off to Arizona, the one place I might be able to blend in, with or without the flash. If I made it all the way, that’d be great. Too bad.

The End

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