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Amazing what a single wish could do to your entire world. Even moreso what it could do to your entire existence.
Takomachi Ryo is a wanted fugitive in the Auran Universe for a massacre that he didn't cause. Cursed to live forever with the knowledge of the ultimate and cliche destiny that he himself made for himself, he resolves to go back to that universe and set things right.
It was time he started protecting the people that were dying because of him.

Chapter 1: "Boy"


The distant chimes of a brass electric clock landed softly in a giant man’s ears, it barely registering the sound. The man stirred; the noise was of some annoyance, though not for the thing itself, but this person’s subconscious was telling him that the batteries were running low again, for the third time this week. He vaguely thought that it was time for a change in clocks. Again. It was so difficult to find good clocks, even in the futuristic day and age of 2543 A.P.

The man dragged his huge body out of his hard, springy bed, of which was just too small for his muscular body that was six feet and seven inches tall, and sat on its edge, hitting the “Snooze” button. His hair was a muddy brown that was a tad bit unkempt and stretched out to the base of his neck and also hid the entire right side of his face. He looked down at his right arm, which was covered by a series of professionally wrapped bandages that covered it down to his hand, which was firm and steady. He looked across his averaged-sized shadowy bedroom and into the chrome-rimmed flexi-glass mirror on the other side, into his own mahogany eye. They seemed to blaze with anger for no apparent reason, and as a matter of fact, they were always like that, no matter what the situation maybe, even if he was as joyous as a child in a candy shop.

He drowsily wandered into his small bathroom to brush his teeth (using “Glare Paste” toothpaste brand) with his cheap, no-name brand toothbrush . He spent five minutes moving the brush back and forth along his teeth, then swished it around his mouth, finally spitting it out into his sink. He pulled aside his mirror cabinet and pulled out a container of evergreen minty mouthwash, swished that in his mouth, gargled, and spat it out into his sink just like the toothpaste. He turned the cold temperature knob to rinse the sink out, but no water rushed from the faucet. Fantastic, the water was out. Again.

He shrugged and walked out of the bathroom. If there was no water, then he also wouldn't be able to use neither his shower nor his toilet, so he had no more business in there. Though, he would have to go the rest of the day without washing himself, seeing that it was is day off of work and he couldn't use the showers there (he worked at a health club). That wasn't going to ruin his day in the slightest.

The man opened his mahogany dresser and pulled out his most casual clothing: a pair of very worn blue jeans, old black boxers, and a sleeveless red shirt. It was his classic clothing, something that dated way back to when he was a little kid. He'd always want to wear plain outfits like that because of its simplicity and how it looked at the very least decent. Everybody else said that it looked good on him, so he continued to wear it, and with time it seemed to become his defining outfit.

Once he had finished dressing, he walked out of his bedroom, locking it from the inside, and strode over to his kitchen. If you couldn't tell by now, he was living it a cheap apartment, so naturally his kitchen would be the minimal size that laws would allow it to be. Ryo filled about two sixths of the room -if you could call it that because there was nothing separating it from the living room besides for a bar-like platform- and barely had to move to get from his electric stove to his ancient refrigerator.

On his counter he picked up his to-do list for the day. Thank the lords that there wasn't anything serious that he had to do. The list read only this:

"Have fun, if you can."

It made him wonder why he bothered using a whole sheet of paper for this little message. He then remembered that it was his last sheet of paper and that he had no sticky notes for him to write it on. He picked up a newly sharpened pencil from the holder in his three-second pencil sharpener and added, "Buy paper," to the list. So, other than a trip to the store, he was free for the entire day.

For who, though? He was popular at work and people enjoyed talking to him, but he didn't have any friends to share this day with. He avoided becoming friends with anybody, actually, due to a rather unfortunate family curse that he'd like to forget. Another curse was preventing that, however. He had the best luck.

Not even paying attention to his own thoughts, he mindlessly wandered out of his apartment, locking the front door as well, and set off to the elevator down the hall from his home. Hopefully it would be working today. One push of a button would ensure that. Pressing the down button, he listened closely for a faint buzzing noise. He didn't hear that, but what he did hear was a speedy "WOOSH"-ing sound, followed by a deafening crash about five seconds later. Great. Not only was the elevator broken, HE was the one to break it. This day was not going to end well for him.

After taking five minutes to walk down the stairs, he entered the lobby of the building. It was ancient, just like the rest of the place, what with its cracked ceramics tiles and Modern paintings. The furniture was also pretty old, probably hasn't been updated for about twenty-three years. That would mean that they were from the year 2520. THAT was ancient to the people of this time, but not to the man. To him, it was as if they were from the future. But that was him being nostalgic.

As he passed the Doorman, he said, "I'll be back in about eight hours, Trew-oiu." It was a deep, calm voice that didn't belong to many people.

The Doorman nodded, waving him out. "Alrighty, then. See you then, Ryo-oiu."

Ryo waved back, and walked through the dirty sliding glass doors, and into the futuristic world that he lived in. There were state of the art hovercrafts in the air, no exhaust coming from anything, many of the everyday were made of lightweight steel called "Hyui Jou", as a company patented it and gave it a brand name, the buildings were made of the same things and all had a sleek, shiny look to them while not giving off too distracting a glare for any drivers or passerby.

That didn't mean that there weren't people walking on a concrete sidewalk, though. As a matter of fact, the side walk seemed to be busier than the airway. A bit ironic, seeing that you have all this futuristic technology whizzing above you, including skateboard-like hovercrafts, and yet they chose to walk. Perhaps it was because he was thinking of his old home, in the farthest away land that there could ever be. Ryo was feeling very nostalgic lately.

He was the odd one out in the crowd, indefinitely. Ryo was a good five inches taller than the tallest people outside, and the rest were all on the short side. Nobody knew anybody who was as tall as Ryo, and he was regularly called "Giant", and the stereotype for giants was that they were always angry at why they were so big and at the rest of the normal people. Ryo's permanent facial expression didn't help one bit. Regardless, people could spot Ryo anywhere. In fact, somebody did just now.

"Hey, Ryo!" yelled a voice from behind. "Ryo! How's it going!?"

He turned around -walking backwards at the same time- and spotted who was calling out to him. It was Quity Teh, one of his co-workers at the health club that he worked at. He held up a hand in recognition. "Quity-oiu. Good morning."

Quity caught up to Ryo and pointed his thumb at the coffee shop that they were walking right by and walked in, Ryo following suit. It was an average coffee shop, maybe at the same quality as Starbucks, but nothing too special about it. There was a great deal of abstract art hanging up on the walls, a metal figure of a coffee mug mascot that spoke in coffee puns that made smooth non-verbal expressions, and a cashier with two robotic arms staring after the two newcomers; they were the only ones in the store. Completely average.

As they took a seat by the counter, Teh said, "Two Grandes, please," to the cashier, and in no later than ten seconds he was setting down two absurdly large mugs of caramel and chocolate coffee in front of each of them. Quity swiped a card in a machine that the worker was carrying, and they were left alone.

"So," began Quity, "You're finally free today? Yeraer, that's a miracle right there, eh?"

"I suppose it is," replied Ryo, unmoving.

Quity smirked, took a sip of his steaming coffee, and commented, "You know, you really ought to loosen up, y'know?"

Ryo sighed, taking a sip of his drink as well. It was good, he had to admit. "I highly doubt that will ever happen, Quity-oiu. You think you understand me, but you don't. If you really did understand me, you would know that there is no 'loosening up' for me."

This made Teh frown. Not because he was insulted, but because Ryo's accusations were correct. There was a smart man right there, because Quity can outsmart almost anybody, and he'd been trying to cover up the fact that he had plans on how to get Ryo to relax because he really did think he understood him. Apparently not.

"I'd prefer it if you would leave me alone."

"If you want to be left alone, then why do you walk into society?" inquired Quity.

Ryo leaned back in his chair. "One has to communicate with society in order to survive in this world. I need a job to pay for food and the taxes, so it doesn't matter what I want. It's all about what I need."

"I suppose so," responded Quity, taking a swig of the coffee. Now he was getting somewhere with his co-worker. He didn't know where, but it was somewhere. "And you communicate just enough with us so that you can get by without being hated."


Teh paused, then smiled. "But, y'know, Ryo, you really should try to get along with other people better. You know, live life to the fullest."

"Sorry," Ryo said, shaking his head. "I've already done that."

Quity frowned once more and leaned his elbows on the table. "Ryo... you always say that you've 'done this' and 'done that', even the really old stuff like the Annual Hujikol Poiuy festival.... Just how old are you?"

The huge man just sat there for a while, then without warning, got up to leave. Quity watched him go; he could tell that he'd bothered Ryo long enough. Though Ryo did something that honestly surprised him. Ryo stopped at the door, and without looking back, he said, "I'm old enough to call you 'boy'." He left the store after that response.

However, the thing was, even THAT was an understatement.

The End

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