You were humming a tune I didn’t recognize today; lost in your own little universe. It was a slow melancholic tune and I was content to sit there and listen in silence.  That’s when a male voice joined in, startled, I turned around to see a man older than me leaning on the door frame tears streaming down his face.  Something about him was familiar but I couldn’t quite place it. He was tall and still well built with grey-white hair and wrinkled face. It was when I met his gaze that it hit me. Vibrant stormy blue eyes peered back at me. Just like yours used to.

“Ellie?”  His baritone voicewhispered

He limped forward, dropped to one knee, reached for your throat and grasped the necklace hanging in the nape of your collarbone.

“It is you Ellie. It is you”

You look at him quizzically before something registers and you too begin to cry.

“Henry? But you’re dead. Mama said you weren’t coming back”

“Well Mama was wrong.”

A nurse shuffled in to check that everything was alright and after exchanging pleasantries she left.

You look back to your brother with a smile on your face.

“Are you a nurse too, dear man?” You ask, oblivious to all that just passed.

The End

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