A Story

I told you a story today about a beautiful woman. She was born a long time ago; before World War II in which her older brother fought. He never came back. 

She was a beautiful young lady with many male admirers, whom all were ignored, until at the age of twenty-four she met the man of her dreams.  They didn’t waste time exchanging vows after only three months of courtship. 

Together, they had two sons and a daughter.  Their children grew up all too quickly and were soon getting married and having children of their own. 

But she got sick and began to forget things so her husband and children moved her to special place where she could live happily.  And how even now she is still the most beautiful woman her husband has ever seen.

By the end of my story a few tears were slipping down your cheeks, “What a lucky woman to have had such a wonderful life. Did you know her, Bernie?”

“Yes,” I whispered back to you, “Quite well”

The End

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