Opening Up

Our son showed me a website where people who have someone in their life suffering from Alzheimer’s can go and write their stories. I couldn’t see the point of talking about my Ellie with strangers, but he insisted.  You know Ellie, I never realised how much I missed talking with you till I could open up with others going through similar tumult as me.   I included my first entry for you – really it is the first time I’ve been able to put into words what is happening to you – to us.


For Ethel


My 81 year old wife has had Alzheimer’s for a couple of years now. She is in a nursing home where she can have around the clock care. We were married 57 years ago in 1955; we have three wonderful children and quite a few grandchildren.

My Ellie used to be very outspoken and quite vivacious but she has transformed into almost the opposite; she’s quite and thoughtful and content with any suggestions anyone makes.

It is really hard watching her slowly slip away from both reality and me. She is currently in a stage of regression believing that she is still twelve year-old Ethel Milton nee Rydges mourning the loss of her brother who went MIA over 60 years ago.  

The End

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