So this is where I am Now

So this is where I am now.

Yesterday I was with Miss Davis and my friends.

Today I cannot open my eyes and I know I will be gone soon.

I don't know how I feel about that. Leaving everyone, but out of pain. I guess that there is nothing I can do anymore so it doesn't matter.

Not now.

Not anymore.

I can hear people around me, people I love. I am very glad they are here. Mum and dad are here, obviously, crying by my head that is propped up on two pillows. I recognise Miss Davis' voice as she talks to someone at the foot of my bed. Heidi is here too, she is holding my hand. 

"She's going." Someone announces, they're right, everything is going colder, "Say your goodbyes."

"We love you, Alli, you can go now. Be at peace at last." Mum says and I want to say that I love her too, but my voice isn't working.

"Be safe, Alli. We'll always remember you." Miss Davis touches my leg that is hidden under the duvet.

"We love you Alli. Go, move on. I know you did the right thing. I'll miss you." It is Heidi.

Goodbye Heidi. 

Goodbye mum and dad.

Goodbye Miss Davis.

Goodbye Alli.

And now it is time, now I can go.

It's coming closer. There is no light. I see no light.

But I can count my last heart beats. Soon I will be gone.




The End

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