We cried in each others arms for what seemed like a lifetime, and for that I was glad. Once we were ready, Miss Davis slung my bag over her shoulder, pulled me into her arms and carried me to my mum who was waiting in the car. One look at her told me she read what I was telling her with my eyes. I didn't want her blaming Miss Davis for wearing me out. Or quickening my death.

"It's over." I whispered as my teacher placed me on the seat and slid the safety belt into the clip. 

"Goodbye Alli." She hugged me again.

"I don't want to leave you."

"You have no choice now. Here." She unhooked her gold cross from her neck and put it on me.

"Thank you." I pressed my eyes shut, my fingers clasped around the pendant. When I opened them she was waving from the curb as we drove away. I wanted to scream at mum to wait. I wanted to stay with Miss Davis and Heidi and live until they found a cure. But I knew I was just being stupid. I had to make some adjustments to my death folder. 

Mum had to carry me to my bed where I fished out the pale folder and grabbed a pen. I took out the page that read 'My Funeral'. Along with the instructions for me to be cremated and instructing that anyone who wants to attend can, I wrote in another sentence.

'Cremate me with Miss Davis' cross, if she doesn't mind.'

Then, I added another line to the bottom. 

'Goodbye everyone, and thank you.'


The End

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