The Least a friend could Do

The next day was a friday, football at the end of the day; I used that to keep my hopes up as the nausea crept back up. I wondered how many other people would laugh and try to yank my bandana off my head, just so they looked good without sparing my feelings. Maybe they though a dying girl had no feelings. 

As depressed as I had been, I walked into the tutor room and looked up at my friends. My mouth dropped open. Staring back at me were ten bald girls, smiling broadly. Ellie, Sarah, Grace, Kim, Charlotte, Heather, Jane, Anna, Luna. And then I saw Heidi. Dear, hair-obsessed Heidi had shaved off her precious hair and stood smiling happier than everyone else. If I could have moved, I would have cried. 

"We can't do much, but this we can do." Heidi said, "Now it won't be so hard, right?"

"No, it will be so much easier." I flung my arms around all of them at once, stuffing my bandana into my bag. To me, their gesture was one of immense sacrifice and I appreciated it dearly. 

They all knew a month and a half had passed, my time was coming to an end, despite everyones attempts to keep me living. Football was becoming harder for me, I couldn't keep up with everyone as well and I had to have a couple of breaks. 

This time was different. I didn't make quite so many jokes. Everyone was more sombre than usual, like they knew something was about to happen. Miss Davis finally came out, lugging the great bag of footballs which she dumped beside us. Motioning for us to stand up, we gathered around in a circle. For a while she stared at the four hair less girls in the ring before understanding and smiling.

"I'm so very proud of al you girls. Especially you, Alli, and your friends. You have to be very brave to shave your hair off willingly."

"I had no choice." I said, a few people smiled.

"I know. I just have to say how much you mean to me, all of you. Alli, I know this is a touchy subject, but we all love you and you have been so enlightening and inspirational to everyone."

I couldn't help it then; I had always been very, unexplainably close to Miss Davis and so I stepped forward and threw my arms around her. She hugged back and then everyone else had their arms around us and each other. Tears flowed freely as we brokae apart.

"You and the team have been the best thing to ever happen to me. You got me through all the chemo and other treatments by me just imagining I was playing; you staved off the boredom when I was bed ridden and you gave me strength enough to return here every week. Thank you. I love you all." I had just said my goodbyes to them, and they knew it. 

The End

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