No regrets

Now who would willingly give up their lives? How would anyone give up their own life? Who for?

I suppose at first one could have called it love; but somehow it was much deeper for I felt more. He was my brothers best friend and I never stopped loving him for the three years I had known him. David, my brother, suddenly said that Robin's, my love, sister had a brain tumor. At first I was very shocked and stopped eating before catching myself and carrying on. 

There was little I could do, and that knowledge killed me; I was not used to being so helpless. Immediatley I texted Robin about Alice but, again, there was nothing I could say to make it better, nothing to make it go away. Then I prayed. Normally, I got what I prayed for, whether it was strength to overcome a problem or to take away an illness from a friend and to give it to me. Many of my friends would have yelled at me for what I prayed for, because it wasn't just the standard 'don't let her die' thing. No. I prayed for God to give her strength and, if it was the only way to stop her from dying, to take the tumor from little Alice, who was only ten, and to give it to me. 

So that is why I did it and that I have no regrets because now, Alice will survive. 

I could take pain, I'd been doing it my whole entire life and I don't think anyone really noticed. But it's probably better they never knew, it would be easier for the to let go.


The End

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