All it takes, is two footsteps.
Two footsteps, to end this 'so called' life of mine, which is filled with emotion and mysery. Just..two...footsteps. The sky seems to be on my side, grey with sadness and the sea below me, the waves crash with anger against the innocent sand. All it takes, is two footsteps for this all to be over, to fall through the sky, through lives, through ambitions and fears and rest peacefully in what should be heaven.

One footstep away, my cold, pale toes ease over the edge of the broken cliffe and my hair tosses and turns in the strong and fast wind. They call this place 'Angel's end' this very spot, where free-divers plunge themselves when the sea is at it's highest point, but not everyone makes it.

I slowly sit down on the edge of the cliffe and extend my arms infront of me, then my legs, I slowly wiggle away from the edge, one centimetre. I slide off the edge, being thrown about in the wind, and my clothes get rid as I go down. I'm not where I neet to be yet...I'm nowhere near the angry, furious sea. My hair is knotted and ruined in the stormy weather, then the rain begins to pour. My whole body freezes as I plumit into the sea, My feet, they droop in the cold, icey waters, my leegs tense, yet feel so loose, my stomach just 'lets go' of the life it had, my arms and hands become useless, my brain goes to rest..and my eyes slowly close. Goodbye world, thanks for everything you ever offered me.

The End

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