Footprints and Horizons.

There have been numerous points in my life where I have felt I am lost with life in general, and I have always wondered how I would picture being lost - this is my view on it.

I walk...  And I walk... And I walk...  Footstep after footstep I take, I stop where I am.

I do not know where I am, everything looks unfamiliar to me - everywhere I look, there is barren sand.  I can't hear any sounds, nor seen anything living - or dead.  There is no grass beneath my feet, the sky still hangs over me and yet I am the only thing that exists in the place.  All around me there is sand.

I look behind me to see where I have come, and I see nothing.  No buildings, no people - nothing, just the sand and my footprints.  I wonder if I have made an impression on someone to remember or recognise me, but no - all that remembers me is the sand with my footprints.

I sigh with sadness.

I look forward to where I am heading to, but there is nothing on the horizon.  The horizon; between the sky and the earth, is hazy and I see no existence of life.

My heart fills with sadness; if I do not know where I have come, then how do I know where I am heading towards?  All I know is at this point in time, in this very place, I am here - I know where I am.  

Yet I fear that if I continue to move forward - in some direction, I will loose where I am and I will not be able to find that very place where I existed.

Maybe this is how life plays itself, or maybe how I should play it.  

I do not know, part of me wants to give up; and yet somewhere in my heart a part of me strives for me to continue walking forward, it doesn't matter which direction, as long as I am heading somewhere.

It is up to me to make my life what it is, to make people remember me and to make an impact on people.   We all start somewhere and we make an adventure out of where we head towards - it is time for me to turn this into an adventure and to begin to see people and things I would never have thought I would experience.

This is my life; an adventure that I want to remember for years to come...  

I wasn't lost, I just wasn't sure which direction to head in.

The End

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