Football St Thomas is a village in Winterset. It is named after a Manor House nearby which is a hotel, and the hotel is owned by Warners.
There are a number of bedrooms, including the tree top suites, in which you have to climb a tree in order to get to your hotel bedroom, each being en suite and en sour.

the basic bedrooms consist of a straw bed for people who are very poor and a four foot wide bowl as a bath tub.
the toilets in this lower type bedroom suite consist of just a slop bucket, which you have to take with you down to one of the hotel toilets and empty it.
'beware, the stench from the slop bucket that you carry to one of the hotel toilets could be overpowering for some people walking along the corridor.

To keep out the stench in these basic toilets you have to cover it with straw soaked in duck's urine.

At the top of the range are grand super bedrooms with triple beds and bathrooms with four showers, plus a maid as young as two years old doing your cleaning out everyday

The End

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