For the rest of the week, Megan's heart was in Seventh Heaven. Connor was at her side whenever possible, with no sign of his continous flirting ever ceasing. Megan spent all day in thought of the latest thing he had said, the last thing he had done. It was only on Sunday night that something pulled her sharply back to Earth with a bump. And that thing was Matt.

Sunday was usually the day when they really had a good talk about the week behind and the week ahead, at either of their houses. The most interesting part of their conversations however were deep philosophical conversations about whatever happened to be on their minds. On Sunday, Matt didn't feel like sharing what was on his mind though; he wanted to know what had happened to his best friend that had made her not talk to him all week.

"I don't really know... I mean, it's just everything you know? This and that and, oh, you know how it is." Megan said.

"Stop being vague, and tell me! Goodness me! Megan, come on, I know you better then anyone. So please tell me. What, or who, is happening?!" Matt was tiring of messing around, and knew that this tone wouldn't offend her, just make her tell.

"I..." Megan took a deep breath. " I know you won't approve. I mean, well, you didn't last time, did you? It's just, you know, it feels different this time. Like-"


"...he really means it. It's just the way he's acting. He really cares, you know?" Megan looked up, as though asking permission.

" Is this, what I think it is?" Matt's voice sounded more like one of a patronising parent. "Please, oh God. It's not...?"

Megan's pleading look confirmed his suspicion.

"Matt... Come on! I know you don't like him-"

"Don't like him?! I hate his guts! The way he treats you; and that you put up with that! Oh, Megan... Please, don't tell me you're serious? I don't want to see you hurt. You know I don't." The sincereity rang in every word. "Megan, you know how much you mean to me, or at least a part."

"Matt! Don't make this harder then it already is. Please, as a friend. I'm begging you, just support me on this. I won't say anything afterwards, you can rant and rave as much as you like, just not now." Megan was just as serious.

"Afterwards? So, you know just as well as I do, how this is going to end? With you the one that's been hurt? Megan! Don't do this to yourself! Not just for me, but you owe it to you too!" The impression he was giving was of one trying to dissuade someone of killing themselves.

Megan looked around Matt's room, finally fixing her on the wardrobe, as though hoping it would stop the moisture from spilling over.

"Oh Megan!" Matt wrapped his around around Megan and she pushed herself into his chest, trying to concentrate on his musky scent instead of blockage in her throat.

They sat like that for a few minutes, in perfect emotional sync. Megan listened to his heartbeats and wondered why she was so lucky to have a friend who would look after her in such a way. Matt, meanwhile simply contemplated why Connor would have such a hold over the beautiful, wonderful creature in his arms.

The End

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