The next few days passed without much happening. The dull, daily routine of school, and usual, witty conversations with Matt could hardly count as something special to think about, and therefore, Megan didn't dwell on the happenings of everyday life.

Connor had been chased from her mind as quickly as her from his, and she was happy, caught up in her own life.

The usual gossip filled her day, but when the expected news of Abi and Connor's split came, she was in a muddle of confused emotions.

She hadn't been thinking about him, so hadn't prepared for that news, and so didn't know how she felt. Her stomach dropped, and then disappeared, while her heart stopped and sprinted. Her throat felt constricted; her head, and heart in overdrive.

Connor's swift, and heart melting, crooked smile, paired with his beautiful blue green eyes dancing with a sparkle, made up her heart, though not entirely her mind.

Her heart was singing; Abi had simply been another of his flings. She, Megan, would be his One. He would, as soon as his friends turned the corner, run back, and lift her up in his strong, tanned arms, declare his love and press his lips onto hers...

Her head was yelling, pleading, preaching, trying to tell her heart that it was wrong. It was saying, no it won't happen, not this time just like every other time. He doesn't love you, he simply smiled. It can't be true... can it?

However, the internal battle was halted, and silenced by the appearance of Abi herself. She plunged straight into a passionate speech of having been used, not caring, and abuse. Her voice spat out her, true side of the story, as the girls that surrundered her gasped and exclaimed in the right places, like clockwork.

Megan was saved by the bell, and her heart fluttered, after having reached a decision with her head, while walking to Science, that if he continued to give her attention, she would follow her heart. If he didn't, her head would win.

The unusual stench of acids, burning and disinfectant met her as she half swept and half danced into the room. Victoria, her lab partner, looked at her in suprise, and they both laughed as they pulled out their books.

"Ladies and gents, learning objective's on the board: To learn more about Plate Tectonics. Copy it into your books if you please. Mr Hurst, if you even try to open that bottle I will have you sent to the headmaster. Oh, and Mr Marshall, the objective is on the board, not over there."

Megan grinned at Connor as he moved his focus from our table and onto the board, recluctantly picking up a pen...

Twenty minutes into the lesson, Mr Johnson had had enough of lecturing the class, and started giving out worksheets. As usual, he then became very preoccupied with something on his computer, and people started moving around. The class was a very active one, and someone walking across the classroom, even when Sir was talking, wasn't unnatural.

"Hey." Connor's deep, velvety voice, was soft.

"Oh! God! Don't sneak up on me, are you trying to give me a heart attack." Victoria accused him.

"Way to greet someone, Victoria. But, yeah, don't do it again." Megan said to them both, grinning.

"Hey, you don't know what question three is, do you? I mean, I get the whole plate boundary thing, but ridges? Where do they come-"

"Are you telling me, you're actually doing the work?" Her face was covered in mocking shock. "Mr Marshall, gold star for you. Now, go sit with the nerds."

"Actually, I thought I was already with them." He answered conversationally.

"No, sorry to disapoint, but you're with the boffins here. See there's a difference. Boffins are Einsteins that are accepted by society, and in my case, even cool. So, hah." Megan returned witht he same tone.

The rest of their conversation took the same teasing tone, but that seemed to be a mere cover. He was in fact coming closer to her with every sentance, until Megan was about six inches from his chest. Connor towered over her, his leg touching hers.

The conversation turned according to their physical proximity, and today's topic was Connor's six pack in comparisation to others. It was a topic that Victoria could safely join in, and that sounded just like the sort of thing that boys like to talk about.

"...no, seriously. No, go on, just push with your fingers. All muscle, see?" Connor said, as the girls pushed vainly against the solid rock that was his stomach.


This time, the phrase saved by the bell wasn't at the forefront of Megan's mind as she left the room with Connor and her heart celebrating a definate victory once more.

The End

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