Connor's Girl

When I went back to school on Monday, my head was still full of the party. I couldnt wait to talk to Matt and Connor. Neither of them had been on MSN, and I assume that was because of rugby pratice and a male tendency to forget things. Like talking to friends.

Connor was nowhere to be seen in the form room, and obviously I wouln't see Matt because he was int he Year above. However, Abi was very animated. I only caught the end of her sentance:

"...It was a great party, and can you believe it, he got with me! I mean, I wasn't quite expecting it, but I can't say it was that surpirsing. We spent the whole time just sitting on his swing. His swing!"

I rolled my eyes as I approached Rose, my best friend. She laughed and we sat down, letting Monday morning commence.

It was only when I had French, with Abi, that I really got what she was on about.

"Were you at Connor's party?" She didn't give me time to answer. "Yeah, well, it was so good, and then oh my God! You just won't believe what happened! Connor and I-"

Madame DeCourcy interupted her.

"Abi! Un frigo?"

"A fridge" I whispered to her out of habit, my mind completely blank as I fitted the two bits I'd heard from her this morning together.

                                                      *  *  *

"You knew, didn't you?" My voice was calm but Matt could hear the storm building.

"Sorry. I didn't want you to know. I didn't want to ruin your evening. I thought it would be better if you didn't know-"

"Didn't know? And find out from her! Matt!" I wailed, throwing my hands in the air.

I hardly heard his apologies and reasons for not telling me, as we walked home. I was just aware of a weigth heavy on my heart, as I dragged my feet up to my bedroom.

Switching on my computer, a message popped up from Connor.

"Hey babe! Didn't see you at the party!"

I took a deep breathe and replied that he wouldn't have, seeing as he spent it with Abi.

"Sorry, babe, got to go. x"

I cussed under my breathe. Typical.

The End

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