Party Times are Strange Times

As I walked into the house, it was more like walking into a movie. One with rich american kids, who have convertiables and houses to trash.

The whole house seemed to be shaking with the bass. Light was spilling though the large glass windows. People were everywhere; at least here there was some sort of sensibility; they were dressed according to season, winter.

I looked around, and was almost shocked to find that I didn't recognise anyone at all. Well, that's a lie, there was a girl I recognised from being a Year 11 that liked to spend her time terrorising younger students and caking on foundation.

No one paid me much attention, so my search for Connor went unchallenged until I spotted a mop of dark brown hair that looked very familiar.

"Matt?" My voice was filled with incredulation. What on earth, in the name of God, and why in hell, was he here?!

"Megan?" His voice sounded more or less the same. "What-"

"-are you doing here?" I finished his question. As usual.

"A friend of mine was invited to this party, and said we should all come along." He still looked confused. "Why are you here?"

"It's my friend's party. He invited me." Damn! I should have said what he did, not blab on about being here because Connor asked me!

"He? Umm... Whose's party is it anyway?" Matt asked, now looking at ease, as his eyes swept the room.

"Umm... He's in some of my lessons. He's called Connor." I was looking at the floor by the time I finished my sentence. he must have noticed because:

"Have you snuck out? Because you look like you've just admitted to killing someone's cat." Matt laughed. That was enough to get me back in my usual manner.

"Yeah, coz I would be sorry about killing someone's cat. Anyway, why would I waste my time killing cats. I have to take over the world first." I was back in full philosophical mode, like always when I'm around Matt. "So, umm... Oh yeah! Have you seen Connor? I need to speak to him. Oh! I forgot, you don't know him. Not that you'd particularly would wanna..."

"Megan! Stop it. You're rambling again."


Our conversation was cut short as someone announced a fight and everyone headed out one way. I took this as my oppurtunity to escape; what I'd said about Matt not wanting to meet Connor was true. And I wanted Connor to myself anyway...


After three quaters of an hour of searching, I collapsed onto a sofa. Once again, I was struck by the quality and expensive-ness about it. But I didn't really have time to wonder, as I noticed on an equally expensive chair, observing me carefully, was Matt. As I caught his eye, he grinned and launched himself onto my sofa.

"So... How's it going?" He looked as though he was hiding something orwas just nervous, so I ignored his question.

"So... Why do you look so, I don't know, worried?" I asked.

"I don't! What you on about? What's there to be worried about? It's a party!" He laughed.

Maybe I was being paranoid.

Matt and I spent the rest of the party together. It was funny really; he seemed to be in a bit of a crazy mood, where he said he had a thing against going upstairs and examining the rest of the house and trying to guess how much it was worth. He claimed that he'd been up there and that I would be sick if I found out that in the master bedroom there was Laura Ashley wallpaper. I pointed out that I had just found out and he gave over. But still physically stopped me from even touching the stairs.

In the end, I had to leave, without seeing Connor, but to be quite frank, I didn't even notice...

The End

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