M.s.n, how deadly it can be

Megan walked home from school slowly, envying the large houses she walked past until finally she got to her small little cottage. It wasn't the best of houses and it was definitely too small. Katie and Alyson thought it was cute when they first saw it, then again they said that when they were in primary school.

She clicked her keys into the door and opened it, slipping her shoes off and dumping her bag on the ground, then closing the door. Her mother stood in front of her, tapping her foot. She looked up at her and smiled then tried to run upstairs but her mothers arm blocked her.

"What is it now?" Megan moaned to her mum. 

"Your nurse called, said you bumped your head," Her mother said, grabbing her face and searching for a bump.

"I'm fine mum!" Megan fidgeted and slapped her hands away, "I have a letter in my bag, you ca get it. I'm tired I'm going to my room." Megan sighed and slumped up her small stairs, dragging her feet on every step.

She got into her room and logged onto m.s.n messenger, hoping that her pen pal Matt would be online. She searched through the names until she came to Matt and smiled, clicking on his name and begging a conversation.

MeganSunshine says: Hi Matt :)

Matt the awesome dude says: Your finally online! How are you? :D

MeganSunshine says: Not to good, I banged into a door at school...

Matt the awesome dude says: Haha, how big is the bump?!

MeganSunshine says: This is not a laughing matter! And H-U-GE, like gigantic, cut a tennis ball and it's the size of that!

Matt the awesome dude says: I'm sure it's not that big

MeganSunshine says: Yeah well you haven't seen it, what are you doing?

Matt the awesome dude says: Just listening to some music, surfing, how about you?

Megan and Matt's conversation was interrupted when another conversation popped up on her screen. She looked at his carefully. Connor. She groaned.

MeganSunshine says: Sorry Matt, I'll be right back ok?

Matt the awesome dude says: Ok, that's cool, talk to you later x

She x'd off of the conversation and clicked on Connor's name.

Connor says: Hey Megan

Megan hesitated before writing a little 'hi'

Connor says: Um...I'm really sorry about me and my mates today, they were being total dweebs and wanted to pick on you. Of course I said no but then they called me a chicken so I did. I'm really, really sorry.

MeganSunshine says: It's ok, hey what happened after I passed out?

Connor says: Oh, I picked you up and took you to the nurses office.

MeganSunshine says: Really? I didn't know...thanks

Connor says: It's no biggy, hey, I'm having a party Friday night at my place...wanna come? Just to make up for the whole banging you head thing of course.

Megan looked at the words in shock...party?People? She knew she couldn't say no to that because Connor would be there. MeganSunshine says: It seems like fun...I'd like that. Just to make up for the whole banging me head thing though.

Connor says: Yeah just to make up for it. So I'll see you tomorrow at the party then?

MeganSunshine says: Yeah, I have to go

Connor says: Me too, bye 

MeganSunshine says: Bye Connor

As soon as Connor's name said offline, Megan went into shock.

The party was in five minutes, and Megan had a shower and got dressed in her denim skirt, black t-shirt, black leggings and a navy blue cardigan with a tight belt in front. She looked at herself uneasily in the mirror, playing with her thick brown curls that fell delicately from her head. 

Megan was frightened of going, she wouldn't exactly be speaking to anyone there let alone even look at them without someone glaring back at her. But she knew she had to be brave.

She grabbed her bag and looked in the mirror for the last time, breathing in and out deeply then slowly walking downstairs and asking if her mother could drive her.

The drive there was awkward, "You look lovely Megan," Her mother smiled at her.

"Thanks..." That was pretty much the only conversation they had, they just fell into a thick silence, a long thick curtain drawn between them in the car. Then finally Megan got out a little way from Connor's house and heard the music and shouts straight away. Her mother said to call her any time if she wanted to be picked up then drove away.

Megan held her bag tightly in her hand and slowly walked up to a large house, taking a deep breath and pressing the doorbell.

Oh how she longed to turn around and run. 

The End

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