Stupid door...

Megan walked silently through the school halls, trembling with fear. Connor and his friends were behind her, laughing.

Are they talking about me? She wondered embarrassed, then fastened her pace towards the lunch hall where Katie and Alyson would be waiting for her, along with her friend Billy. She heard the paces increasing also, and slowly turned her head to see Connor and a load of boys sniggering and laughing at her. Connor grinned and winked. 

She quickly turned her head back and pelted it through the hall, barging passed older kids who swore or shouted back at her. She ran down the whole entire hall, first years staring up at her when she ran through them. She looked behind to see Connor and the others running also, then turned her head back and,


Her face went straight into an open door and she fell to the hard, laminate flooring. A heavy weight pushed her down as laughs came from all around her, unconsciousness overwhelming her fragile, small body. She let it.

Megan lifted her eyelids slowly to see Katie and Alyson smiling at her. Then she looked up to see a fat woman above her grinning, she screamed.

"Calm down love it's only me," it was the nurse. Humiliation hit her in the face like a ton of bricks. She blushed sheepishly and sat up, Katie and Alyson blushed too. They were being embarrassed for her. She sighed and sat up, flinging her legs off the bed. "You might want to slow down for the rest of the day. And take this letter home to tell your parents you banged your head," she handed Megan a white envelope, "drink plenty of water. You aught to be careful! Why were you running anyway?!" She asked.

"Oh...well...because..."Megan stuttered with her words. "It's hard to explain..."

The End

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