Foolish Prince.

A child story. About a Prince and a princess. The Prince is truely foolish.

Once in a small kingdom far away,lived a princess. Everyone liked her, well almost everyone that is. A man who had nothing what so ever hated her.

 One day a prince came to the small kingdom to make the princess his bride. The poor man went to the prince and told the prince how everyone hated the princess and how evil she was.

The prince was shocked to hear this. He got on his horse and rode to his kingdom, hardly waiting for anyone to back up the poor mans story.

When he got to his kingdom, he asked his father the king to rechoose somebody for him to marry. His father sighed and asked him why, the prince told his father all about the poor man's story. The king laughed, 'I will set youanother princess to marry son, but only if you meet the princess.'

The prince looked to his father then gave him a small smile, 'Yes of course father, as you wish.'

So the prince took his horse and rode back to the kingdom. The prince went to the palace to see the princess, he was shocked by her beauty and kindness. He had fallen for the toung princess but when he got back to his father to tell him he didn't want anyone but the princess it was too late.

His father said, 'Son do not judge somebody by what you head from others, with out checking to see if it were true or not.' The prince in the head was forced to marry another princess who really was mean, evil, and very messy.

The princess on the other hand married a brave knight who protected her from many who dared to try and kill her. The Knight was great, and never judged a book by its cover, and never judged somebody before they had met them...

The princess was truely happy...

The End

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