Foolish Interpretations

A short story - fiction.

To be able to say what’s on your mind without sounding bossy or hurting others is an art. And I for sure am not a master in that art. In fact, I am not even at the beginner’s level. Today I realize I should have had some practice or at least a lesson on it. It’s too late. I was asked about my opinion of the new boy friend my friend is hanging out with. After a lot of practice on ways to put bad things in a good way, I told her that he is a bastard who uses girls as trophies and as a status symbol. She got pissed off, but still put up a straight face and asked me why I thought so. I gave her my reasons. I told her he tried to hit on me when she was in the kitchen baking cake for him. I also told her that if I had surrendered to his charm he would have dumped her and taken me as the next trophy. I swear I made it sound like she is a trophy and he treasures her. But she got to the point and asked if I felt I was better than her. I denied the statement, or the question, whatever, and said that probably he thinks so. This got her royally pissed and her face was not straight any more. 

Next, she picked up the phone to get things clarified with him. He being a master at lying and creating stories, cooked up one about me having a crush on him and fed it to my friend. I’m not sure she believed him. I’m not sure she didn’t believe him. But they have broken up. I asked her why and she replied that she doesn’t want a boyfriend who is obsessed with her friend or vice versa. See, I told you. She believed him or she didn’t believe him. I think she couldn’t dump me maybe because she loves me more than him, or because getting a new room mate is a big pain. As much as I hate to admit, the latter seems to be the actual reason. She has been my friend for the past six months. We were both recruited by the same advertising agency on the same day, and we decided to look for a new house together when we met at the interview hall. We got pretty close and share a great rapport. The new-boyfriend guy came in her life some two months back. She brought him home today. Maybe she was thinking of getting serious about him.

Now I feel a bit guilty. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned ‘him-hitting-on-me’ part to her. But then I wouldn’t be a good friend. This is so ridiculous. All I have done is be truthful and frank, and I am feeling guilty for the gloominess that is currently emanating from my friend. She has been upset for the past two hours, and I can’t seem to do anything about it. She shooed me off when I went to talk with her like I was a bird or something. Man! You would expect a better shoo off from your friend whose life you have saved, or something close to that. I mean if she had got serious about him without knowing the real him it would have hurt her badly.

Anyways, I am cooking pancakes for dinner and wondering if I could do something to make my friend feel better. And then it strikes me. That I am not that good at bringing people out of their blues and that I should mind my business.


 Two weeks have passed by and my friend is still in a state of despair. I don’t think it is worth that. Or maybe it is. Love, affairs, and boy friends I have never been good at understanding the causes and effects of phenomenon relating to these. All I am concerned about is that my friend is depressed, and probably still angry at me too for spoiling things for her. Now I have to do something for sure. I can’t sit and watch her live like this. I think and think and at last decide on writing a poem for her.

 ‘There are more guys out there than you think.

The one whom you dumped is the worst, I think.

You deserve someone who loves you like no one else has.

You should come out of the gloom and let this pass.’

 Ok, this may not be a great poem or anything. But I fold it neatly and head to her room and hand it over to her. She looks at me with an annoyed plus questioning look. I smile and shake my head in a way that I thought would suggest I want her to read it. She still doesn’t get it and is looking at me with the same look. This time I open my mouth and ask her to read it. Actions do not always speak louder than words, I suppose.

 She hesitates, opens the paper and reads it. I stand there waiting for her reaction. And I get it. She looks at me with a disgusting look. Wait. What??? Disgusting?? I thought it should be some soft-nice-sweet look.

 She then speaks up “He called me today and apologized. He wants us to get back together. So do I. He even admitted that he tried to hit on you. He is ashamed of himself for that. And he said in the past two weeks he realized how much I mean to him and how much he has missed me. He wants me and only me. We have planned to meet at a restaurant today.”

I stood there in a fix with an astonished expression on my face. She is actually getting back with that guy? THAT GUY?

“Errmmm Are you sure you want to do this? I mean he actually tried to hit on another woman while you were already his girl friend!”

“C’mon! Everyone makes mistakes. No big deal. And I feel our relationship must get one more chance.”

“Oh alright.” I say and continue after a pause. “Forget I ever wrote anything like that” and take the paper from her hand and head out.

I can’t believe that female is going to go ahead with this guy. He is such a mean fellow. He probably hasn’t found any other girl for himself and so has come back to her. What a shame. Or maybe he actually has changed. I don’t give a damn. I can’t give a damn actually. It’s her life and her decisions.

I sit on the couch in the hall, pick up a book and start reading it trying to push away the thoughts of my friend and that mean fellow together. I so badly want to go up to her and tell her that she is being a fool. C’mon, love is blind all right, but it is not stupid. How can she do this to herself? Gathering all the courage, I go back into her room where she is busily typing something on her cell with a smile on her face. She looks happy. That fellow has some kind of magic I suppose. Or Love is magic maybe; a delusional one at times.

“Hey what’s up?” I ask her.

“Ermmm nothing much.” comes the reply.

Clearing my throat I say “See I want to jus tell you that he is not the one for you. I think he is just trying to act well, but deep with in he cannot be faithful to you. He doesn’t deserve you, girl. I am sure you will get someone better, someone who will cherish you and who would feel content to have you.”

She frowns and replies “He apologized. He said he loves me. I love him. The two months with him were wonderful. I want it to work. Please don’t wish otherwise.”

I try to hit another strike “If he were a good guy I would have done anything to make it work. But he is not. Understand sweetie. He isn’t the one for you. You may love him, but he surely doesn’t deserve it. Let him go, let this go.”

She thinks for a while, and I believe she has understood her mistake. She will realize that he deserves a punch on his face and not a kiss. She puts up a determined face and tells me “No, I am not going to do that. I am sure he loves me the way I love him.”

I just sit there. Several minutes have passed by in silence. I can’t try to convince her in any other way. It will all lead to probably a fight. I don’t want that.

I speak up in a low and understanding tone. “If you are so sure, I wish you all the luck. But if you ever think he is cheating on you, cut him off and come to me to cry your heart out. I will not say ‘I told you so.’ That’s a promise.” I say and head out. 


It’s another weekend, next year.

  “It’s ok dear. Don’t cry. He wasn’t meant to be yours. He doesn’t deserve you.” she says to me.

“Yes, he is not worth your tears either.” Her boyfriend says to me.

But I cannot stop crying. I know I am probably looking like a buffoon with red nose, swollen eyes, and rumpled hair. But I can’t just help it. I have just been dumped by my one month long boy friend because he found someone better. This world is so cruel. My friend and her not-so-mean boyfriend actually told me not to trust this guy right from the beginning. They said he is a bastard. But he was so good to me. I wanted him as my boyfriend so badly that I overlooked every wrong in him. Deep with in I knew he is a self-centred guy who wouldn’t think twice before breaking my heart. But I still moved on with him, just because I wanted it to work.

A year back I thought I could see what a guy is truly made of. I believed I wouldn’t ever let love blind me and fall for a guy who doesn’t deserve me. I tried to convince my friend to dump her ‘supposedly-mean’ boyfriend who actually got engaged to her some days back. And here I am left heart broken because I didn’t bother to heed my own advice. Neither heard what my friends said to me. Anyways, that’s what life is all about, I guess. If my friend had heeded to my advice she might have never found such a loving life partner. And if I had heeded to the advice I wouldn’t have been so crushed at the moment.

The best thing happening right now is that neither of them is saying “I told you.” And I can cry as much as I want and get all the pain out.

--- THE END---

The End

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