Foggy Day

Ashlyn Is a very determined girl
courageous, adventurous, smart, brave. etc.
Theres a killer and she doesn't know what or who it is.
Shes determined to find out.

One foggy, saturday, afternoon, i was outside hanging clothes on the line. It was mid-day. My mother called i put the pins back in the old coffee mug, and ran inside.


"It happend again." she said. 

"What do you mean?" I replied.

Apperently the widow, Ms. Clark, died from an unknown source. This has happened three times before. 

People dying mysteriously i mean...

I knew that people died on there own from old age and such, but this was a murder. Everyone knew, besides people don't die on there own when they have a knife stuck in there chest. 

People needed to figure out who or what was doing this. 

I was going to be the one who tells them.

The End

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