Identity of the Captor

Mist awoke, feeling woozy. She was inside some kind of moving vehicle. She smelt  a strange metalic stench and for moment, could not remember what it was. just then it came to her in a flash. Blood. Not just any blood. Hers. She screamed. It was then that the vehicle stopped. She shivered, preparing another scream.  Then, a shaft of pure, good sunlight broke the enveloping shadows of the back of the vehicle.                                                                                                                 

                                               * * *

Jack heard the girl scream. He sighed and stopped the vehicle by releasing the magical energy he had poured into the engine. Only magicians could power such a vehicle. It was a feature necessary for the Dark lord's seeker van. He was the dark lord's personal seeker. He was well trained and highly expensive to employ because once he had a mission, he never failed.   He clambered out of the vehicle and opened the door to the captive chamber ever so slightly at first.

                                            * * *

The shaft grew larger. Maybe the door had jolted open when the vehicle had stopped.  Catiously at first, but the hurredly, needily she advanced forward. She leapt out. And straight into the magicians arms.  He was tall and had dark, glittering eyes. Suddenly she recognised the Dark lord, the leader of the black magians, 's insignia on his cloak along with a personalised crest. A J and an L intwined. This must be Jack Lamia the Dark lord's personal seeker and the best in the land. Her heart sank.

The End

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