Inside the mind of the enemy

The black sorcerer looked over at the girl and smiled. Hre lowered his hood, revealing dark, glittering eyes.

This was the girl he had been looking for - and he knew she had been looking for him. Typical, really - they belonged to totally different groups. Wizards and Mortals just didn't mix. They'd been at each other throats for centuries, but now that he, Jack Lamia, had caught the girl, all that was about to change. The sorcerers would not be beaten.

He walked casually over, making quite sure the girl was unconcious, before picking her up by the anles. He dragged her along the still-foggy ground. He took no heed when the girl's head hit a rock and began to bleed. It made no difference to him. They just needed her alive.

Lamia loaded their girl into the back of the car he had parked - a shiny black thing - dangerous and untameable. As he drove away, the moonlight played over its smooth black body.

The End

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