Mist opened her eyes. All around her was a thick blanket of fog, twisting around her ankles, slipping between her bare toes. Wait. What? The fog felt to as if it was getting tighter and tighter and tighter still! It's cold fingers caressed her skin with their deadly touch. Her skin prickled and she came out in goosebumps. This was freaky. She pinched herself on the arm, as if to wake herself from a dream. But deep in her heart of hearts she knew this was real. She opened her senses ever so slightly, freeing her mind from its cage inside her head. Her concience flowed from her and found the source of the fog. A  black sorcerer. She sensed thaty she was the one he sought. But why. The fog reached her throat and she tried to scream. The sound died before it escape her mouth, for then were her lips bound. If she could have screamed, she would have  for it felt like a freezing, ice cold hand had just clamped over her mouth. Then the  fog reached her brain and she blacked out.  

The End

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