Chapter 1- Humble Beginnings.

A journey, an adventure, a prophecy and a one way trip. In a stray prophecy, Flynn Fletcher is promised all of this, and while in a life of boredom this may seem like a wish come true for a young man, will he come to regret his headlong charge into the unknown?

The day begun as it always had, with the dawn. 

And from the small village, hidden on the coast of an unnamed Neperalian island, the view was arguably the best. Usually it started with the seas on the horizon shimmering, as if evaporating into mist as the crown of the sun began it's birth. Then, for a brief minute the ocean would burn with the fire of the sun, shimmering with its red fire and the sky would be lanced with golden beams, and from these golden beams the blue light of the sky would spread and in the village, hidden in it's little cove, you could only watch, and wonder at the glory of the world beyond the coast of the humble island.

And on this lazy island, hardly anyone saw the sunrise, everyone slept through it. But not this morning. This morning, Flynn Fletcher, the only child of Rern and Abby Fletcher, would see the sunrise. Quietly as possible, he slipped out of his cot, pushing aside his warm, but rough, woolen blanket. He tip-toed over to the foot of his bed, where a heavy oaken chest lay, his father said they'd found it on the shore one day, full of ruined papers. 

Easing open the chest, and grimacing at the squeal of the old iron hinges, he quickly  ruffled through all the home-made tunics until he felt the cool touch of leather at his finger tips. He pulled out the breeches, and grinned, he hadn't had the chance to wear these yet.


The sunrise was everything he'd imagined, everything he'd dreamed. It had been years since he'd seen the sunrise, and this morning, he'd done it in style. He'd slipped out of the house, and slid through a hole in the town's palisade. After that, it'd taken him close to an hour to make the climb to the highest point on the island. Not that it was that high, shadowing the small town. He'd sat on the cliff edge, the drop was perhaps six houses tall into the crashing grey waves of the ocean. 

The wind in his hair and ears, and the sun lighting up his eyes, the magnificence was to much for him. He'd been on this island his entire life, and it struck so very, very deep in him that there was so much world, and he would die knowing it was there, but never having seen it.

The End

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