Before The Ball

   Nick was just standing behind her, he was behind her this whole time and she didn't say anything. Alexis took a deep sigh "But since it's my job I'll go to this "ball" even ever you have planed it for" no one had noticed the ache in her words as she said them.  Foxy stepped off her plain and turned with a smile on her face "Well, ya coming?" Nick nodded and followed her to the caridge, once inside the king was facing them and once the other people where out of sight her smile quickly left her face. "Oh darling, the ball is tonight so once we're home you can choose your dress" the brown headed king with his giant crown had said, foxy's face didn't even look his way "what ever..." Nick had noticed her distend look in her dead orange eye's. "You know I never did like fairy tales" Nick had broken the silence "always thought they could never happen, people shouldn't wait there whole life for someone to come and get them" this got Foxy's attention, as this happened they pulled up to the castel there it was. Where she had grown up, where all her pain had been kept. The tall dark colored gates creaked as the slowly opened, Alexis had choked as they went closer and closer to it. At the front door there was a tall, dark haired man in a suite "Welcome home princess." He had said with a sort of dispointed tone in his cold voice. "Nice to see you again Edgar" Alexis had said in return, Ed, as he had liked her to call him, was the closest thing the princess had ever had to a friend. He was kind and taught her everything that she knew, from reading to how to make and fix her toy plains. The disapointment in his voice was that she had returned, He had helped her leave that first night, gave her a way out. And no she was back right where she was years ago. The three of them had walked into the front room, "Well, your dress maker should be in your room. You do remember where that is right darling?" the king said with a smile, she nodded as she began numbly walking up the staires that lead to the second floor. How could I forget? All those times and things that had happened in there, I'll never be able to forget no matter how hard I want to. She thought to herself as she was being fit for her dress suited for a princess's wedding day. The day went by very slowly, it was already nightfall by the time Alexis's dress was finished. She was sitting on her bed, just listening to the laughter of everyone down staires in the ball room, she was looking around the room and saw on her dresser her goggles. Standing up she began to walk towards it, she wasn't going to be  princess Alexis anymore, it was way to far for that. Oh no, she is now foxy and no one, not even her father, her abuser would take that away from her anymore. She took the many pins out of her long, silky, orange hair and placed the dirty and oily goggles on top of her head. Alexis relaxed her shoulders and took 1 more deep breath before facing everybody down staires. Here we go, 

The End

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