The landing

It had been at least 4 hours since they had left, they should be landing soon. "What business do you have here anyway?" foxy had asked with a hint of curiosity in her voice, not looking back for a second. He was quite for a minute, "well, I guess you could say that the king wants me to marry his only daughter" Shock ran up Foxy's spin, oh no, the second that they were to talk through that door  her father would recognize her, oh well I'll just live it up while I can. As this thought ran threw her head in the out side world she began to hum. This was the lulaby that her only true friend had sang to her when she was 5 years of age, she had moved away the next week but she clearly remember the song. "you sing" A voice cane from behind her and woke her up from her deep thoughts. Foxy turned her head around for the first time  on the plain, "No not really, what do you?" she tried to sound friendly but she didn't exaitly have friends any more. She had only 1 friend her entire life and that was fine with her. rage always fill her if someone had laughed at her, once she hit someone and  broke their nose, 2 ribs and their right foot. Foxy was a lot more tough then she looked. All of a sudden a buliding popped up out of nowhere. They had to make a 50 or 60 angle to just avoid it. they had to land close to where it was because it made them really close to the ground so might as well land here right? they landed and people began to surround them saying things like "oh my, that must be the new hair to the thrown" this kind of scared foxy would they notice her. Then her fear was confirmed. "hey isn't that the princess with him?" she stood up looking passed the crowd, a smile formed on her face, then she looked right at the person who said this and pulled her goggles up from her orange eye. Nick's eye's wide as can be. "No no she is just my driver" he tried to calm the crowd but they wouldn't take it from him she had to say it. her eye's where dark as if she had just died. "Whatever you want me that bad fine I am princess Alexis fox Darling, alright!" She stood up in the plain and clenched her jaw. A clear path formed from the crowd, a tall crown stood out from the path. It was the king. You could  tell by the way everyone bowed as he walked passed. Foxy stood straight, "finally my daughter has returned! lets all greet her with a ball shall we?" he tried to talk her hand, but the second it touched hers, froze. She looked at him for the first time with anger flaming her orange eye's to almost look red. "don't you dare touch me" She looked down at the king. The crowd looked at them both with a puzzled look in all their eye's.

The End

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